Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This one's for Paula . . .

Okay Paula. Here is the plan for the vintage vogue dress. It will never be a favorite but I think this will make it wearable. I am planning on making a cropped jacket to go over it and make a belt out of the same fabric. I will be using the Kwik Sew cropped jacket that I used before but will add these ties from this Butterick pattern. I have the Butterick pattern and could just use that instead but there is quite a bit more ease than in the Kwik Sew pattern. I used the XS on the Kwik Sew pattern and it had plenty of ease. I really like the ties from view A. I am going back and forth on how long the sleeves should be. The fabric on left is the dress. The fabric on the right is the jacket fabric. I plan to underline it with black broadcloth (? maybe batiste? it's in my stash) because it is a loose weave. I think I'll hand baste the two together and then just treat them as one layer.
Butterick pattern. I'll be making the view A ties on the Kwik Sew body.
Kwik Sew pattern, I'll make the longer version view A but maybe with the shorter sleeves.

On another note, I got a pair of strappy silver sandals for my blue and silver dress. They are pretty dang cute if I do say so myself.
ETA: I finished the March Burda organization chart in paint.net. If anyone wants a copy of it, I'll email it to you. It is in that format but it is just one file. I put the different pages on different layers and you can just click through them to see the different pages. There are 4 in all. I put the kids stuff on a separate page because I will file all of those together in my 3-ring binder. Also I put 3T-6T on the kids' page because Burda does different size ranges for their kids' section. In June they do Girl's sizes 6-12. Just let me know. You do have to have the paint.net program to open the file. And, my own notes are on there but you can erase them and change it.


gatorgirl4325 said...

Those sandals are going to look fantastic with your dress!

Meg said...

I like your "save" for the vintage dress, which I personally think looks adorable on you. Love the belt in the jacket fabric idea.

Paula Gardner said...

Wow, the color of the dress looks totally different in this picture! I'm glad you're saving the dress. It fits you beautifully and you did such nice work.