Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Installment

There is a sewing update at the bottom of this email if you want to skip the pictures. My husband is a great photographer (IMO) so I want to add some of his pictures over the next few posts. Skip to the bottom when you get tired of looking at them. :) Some of them are wider than Blogger will allow. If you click on them, they will show up whole, I promise.

This is Pakala Beach. Miles of coconut palms, crabs, and sandy beach to ourselves. Red, red, red dirt there.

One of the few couples shots. He balanced it on a log so it's kinda crooked. I like it.

This is where a river and the ocean meet. This was on our way to the Pools of Mokolea.

These are the Pools of Mokolea. I had to be careful to not walk too close to the surf. I guess several people have died by getting sucked into the "pools". This is a panoramic view. My husband's will take three pictures and stitch them togeter automatically.

The Kilauea Lighthouse. It has the largest clamshell lens ever used. It has been replaced by an electric powered version now.

I have the Burda jumper almost done but I have a bit of tweaking to do on the swayback part. There is no CB seam so I think I will change the way the pleats lie on the back. I may do something like Adriana of The Princess Seam and make four pleats instead of just the two. The two seam far out to the sides and they stick out strangely. Pictures tonight?


Marija Jakopin said...

I envy you so much.
The pics are great. You hubby managed to get all the colors, which seem to be specially vivid in Hawaii.
I wish I could go to a "no kids" holidays like you did, but I am pregnant and due to my spine problems, all I can do, is envy you. :)

Melissa said...

That first picture is gorgeous! You need to get it printed in a huge size and frame it to hang somewhere in your house.

Lori said...

What beautiful pictures, I agee with Melissa, frame the first one. Thanks for sharing the photos and good luck on your jumper.

Vicki said...

Great photos!

KARIMA said...

ENVY,ENVY, ENVY!!!!SOOOO GREEN WITH ENVY!!!!! Your picture are just so beautiful. I know you and your husband had a wonderful time, but man, I so green with envy.

Linda L said...

What great photos! I am so envious!

Julia said...

Beautiful pictures. I am so jealous!! It is so gloomy here. Oh well, spring isn't that far away. I get to go see my grandson before too long. One of the grand daughters too.

Dana said...

That first picture is soooo beautiful it doesn't look like it could be real! Wow, what a great way to cure the winter chills!

Paulette said...

WOW...your husband is an amazing photographer!! the first photo looks like a painting...I agree with Melissa, print and hang!!!