Saturday, February 28, 2009

Questions and Answers

Another exciting installment . . . it's probably not at all interesting unless you asked a question. :)

Cathy Page has left a new comment on your post "Jalie 2005 . . . sort of": having some troubles finding ANY boatneck patterns. ideas/references would be most welcome.

Hi Cathy, Jalie 2005 is my favorite boatneck top pattern. It is now out of print but you can get an e-pattern if you go to BWOF also has a boatneck top in the current February 2009 issue. I plan on making it but haven't yet. I don't really know of others but the folks at (in the Patterns and Notions thread) are really good at matching an idea to an actual pattern.

Lynn has left a new comment on your post "Wild Chickens and Other Fun": I hope to go one year. I love hearing you talk about your vacation and I love seeing the pictures. May I ask, what kind of camera you are using. Our only digital acts up a bit, and we are casually looking.

Hi Lynn, I use an older Sony Cyber shot. It only goes to 5.0 mega pixels so it's nothing great. You can do a lot to your photos but altering slightly with a photo editing program like I usually increase the contrast and saturation just a bit.

Kiana has left a new comment on your post "Burda 05-2005 #125 Wrapover Dress": Where can I find the dress pattern? It looks great on you!

Hi Kiana - This dress is from the May 2005 BWOF magazine. I don't think they even made this into an envelope pattern so try to snag that magazine.

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