Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is it Friday Yet?

I thought I would give you guys a heads up about what I am currently working on. I don't usually have multiple projects going on at once. And, really, I don't have multiple projects going on. I just tend to trace several things at one time.

02/2009 #127, traced, muslin cut and half sewn. I love the simple styling on this jacket. I wanted to sew up a muslin because it looks really loose and big. I graded down to a 34 so we'll how it goes. They have you put the sleeve in flat so that's a little weird for a woven jacket.

02/2009 #108 - Boatneck top, traced. This should be an easy one to whip out when I feel a hankerin' for a quick knit top. I love boatneck tops.

This is 12/2008 #112, traced. This is the last installment of my F-ing Cold SWAP. I haven't really needed it because it's been pretty warm. Of course, I'll wait until it gets really cold and I need it before I start sewing on it.

12/2008 #118, traced. This is such a cute skirt. I loved the one Karen made and I'll steal borrow her idea of using a side seam instead.
That's all folks! Happy sewing! Hopefully I'll have a muslin to report tomorrow or Friday.


Kat said...

If the economy wasn't so bad, I'd whip up #127 in the leather of my choice. I really like that style!

Rachel said...

That last skirt reminds me of a leather one I saw at anthro a couple of years ago. I love the shape of it.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just commented on being a long week and it seems like today is Friday! I love the skirt. Ottobre has a skirt like it too---on my list.

Meg said...

That first jacket is on my to-sew list. Keep us posted.