Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Picky?

I need some assistance. For the new year, fitting is really one of my goals. I usually do a swayback adjustment but couldn't quite figure out what to do with this back skirt bottom. I finally decided to take up a bit of the CB seam so the middle is a bit shorter at the top. I tapered to nothing at the side seams. I also changed it from two larger pleats to four smaller pleats. They take up the same amount of space so I have the same amount of ease back there. From the back, it looks okay.

From the side, I look a bit strange. Am I being too picky? I think maybe this is supposed to be a looser style. It hangs straight from the waistband. I drew in my natural curve.

Here you can see it a bit clearer.

What do you guys think? I may try it on with heels and a few different tops and see what I think about it. The front is totally cute.


Myra said...

Personally, I think it looks fine like that.

-E said...

no such thing as too picky.

just ask my husband ;)

goodworks1 said...

Do the side seams hang straight down all the way to the hem? If so, I think it's probably fine. If they swing forward, you need to pull up the center back a little more at the waist.

Looks good!

Vicki said...

I think it is just the style. It is meant to hang from the band rather than be fitted. You can obviously change it if you want to, but it looks good to me as it is.

Meg said...

I think it would show off your figure if it was nipped in. Following the natural curves of your body is always more flattering and you have that nice curve that shows off your butt. Maybe for this dress you could just wear a belt instead of redoing it this time. having said that you have done a good job and it does look good anyway. :)

Martha said...

I think you are being too picky. Its adorable. And I am in total awe of someone who can find their sewing mojo right after coming home from vacation.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the side seam veers towards the front near the bottom. I'd stitch a muslin, try it on, release the side seams, and add fabric where needed to make the seams hang straight, then make those changes to your flat pattern. You have such a teeny tiny waist and all that fabric from what are, essentially, unstitched darts (pleats). You could reduce the amount of back pleat fabric on the flat pattern (try rotating a portion of the "darts" to the hem which may also help straighten the side seams. Adele Margolis' book, Make Your Own Dress Patterns explains how to do this). As always, you look beautiful - the jumper might pouf but you don't!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you may be too picky. How often do you stand perfectly still and ask people to examine the fit of your clothing? Ah... that infrequently, eh?

That said, the jumper looks fabulous! I'm going to make one! And my sway back and completely flat butt will just have to deal with it :)