Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jalie 3241 - X-back Gymnastics Leotard

I used view C, the one with the little legs.


I’m sorry but how freaking cute is this??? Some little person is starting gymnastics and needs gymnastics leotards. Where, oh where can we find one?? Ssssssqqqqueeeeeeeeeeee. Shiny, sparkly, flashy, oh ME, ME, pick ME! Needless to say, Little Person is happy.


This one is fitting perfectly but I’m going to make her one in the next size soon. It’s a little snug but there is actually room since it’s so stretchy. I love, love, love the x-back. This would make fantastic swimsuits too. Well, with the regular leg openings. It was, I know I’m repeating myself here, so nice to have a machine for overlocking and a machine for coverstitch! See that little coverstitched CB opening? You have to do that (they recommend zigzagging) before you put on the straps.


Practicing our moves.


For the CB and side seams, I did a 4-thread overlock stitch and a zigzag stitch because I know how hard little kids pull on their swimsuits. The swimsuit seams seem to bust right at CB about mid-back because they pull up the swimsuits by the top and step on the CB and yank. Hopefully this will reinforce it a little bit.


This pattern comes with the lining panel.


Faux sequin, silver, shiny fabric? Check. I used my coverstitch machine for the shiny knit and I was pleasantly surprised it did a good job. A lot of time the shiny stuff seems to “stick” to the bottom of the foot.


I have a ton of these tongue-out-of-mouth photos. Goofball.



She wouldn’t take it off all night and then she wanted to sleep in it. Not happening.


Next up? I think long underwear for four kids. Ski season is upon us. Although, right now it’s in the high 30s and snow is melting like crazy.


Nancy Degnan said...

You are living my dream with cute female children to sew for. Looks like a great fit on her and the leotard that every little girl would love to have!

Debbie Iles said...

Oh this post just made me smile! Super cool gymnastics gear! I have three little girls and whilst I get sick of the sight of pink, I am also secretly quite excited by the fact that sometimes I can just go nuts with tulle and sparkles and it is always met with sheer delight.

ltinuviel said...

Good job :-)
(now I want shiny leotart too :D)

Becky said...

Hey, Dawn, will you adopt me? This is so dang cute!!! Squee, indeed. I am jealous, and I certainly don't have any occasion to wear something like this. Great job, and I am sure she is totally delighted.

Sandi Shover said...

Nice! Jalie has the best patterns for leos. I've had a blast making them for my daughter and when she outgrows them, I sell them at the gym. I love the detail on this pattern.