Monday, January 27, 2014

KwikSew 3234 - Long Underwear


I have used this pattern so many times. Like so many. I’m thinking I’ve used it at least 20 times since I bought it. I’m sad that the “old” KwikSew went away. What they lacked in cover photos and fabric choice, they more than made up for in clear directions, and fantastic patterns. I have a few that I really covet and this is one of them. I’ve used every size now from the XS to the L. I bumped the kids all up one size and you can tell they are too big. I’m hoping to get a winter and summer’s worth of wear out of them. These people are growing like weeds, I tell you.


I made four pairs of long underwear for the kidlets. They have cross-country ski practice and it’s usually cold out. They wear these under their regular ski pants to keep warm. However, this winter is giving us a run for our money. There is no snow out there right now. It’s JANUARY, people. Like January. We have a 40-year average of 14.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it was 56 degrees when I was driving home. Fifty-FLIPPING-six. Needless, to day, the kids aren’t needing warm long underwear. They don’t really need any winter gear. Skiing’s been cancelled because there is no snow. Hhhhmmmmph.


They love them. I didn’t put cuffs on the shirt or pants because I didn’t want something bulky to go under some other article of clothing. Instead, I just increased the length of the sleeve and pant leg an inch or two to make up for the cuff. They want to wear them to school and to bed so you know it’s a winner.


I serged on the elastic, flipped it to the inside and coverstitched from the RS. I added tags to the CB of these.


For the girls, I used a Polartec Powerstretch in Electric Blue. It’s 53% polyester, 38% nylon, and 9% spandex. The stretch and recovery is nice. I have a few yards of it and I’m debating putting some up on Etsy. I may want to keep it all though.


For the boy, I used a Wool Ponte Doubleknit. It’s fantastic. There is a wool layer that goes against his skin and a nylon face. It’s a grayish-green. I have several yards of this too. I am debating keeping it all too. Mwaaaa ha ha. I’ll let you know if I put any up on Etsy.


Here you can see the inside and the outside. He is always cold so this is the perfect fabric for him.


Next up for me? I think a cute dress for a cruise!


Debbie Iles said...

They all look great! I really like the idea of wool ponte double knit. Sounds perfect for cold kids...I just need it in pink ;-)

Sofie M said...

I like the wool ponte double knit too... although we know I can't afford to ship any! ha ha. They look cosy and warm, no wonder the kids love them.

Debbie Cook said...

OMG ... when did the kidlets get so BIG?? The longjohnnies look comfy but I don't think I'll be needing them here either, although I think it may have been warmer in your town yesterday than in mine. At least until we finally hit 70 by the afternoon. :-)

kristin at sunnysewing said...

cute long johns! You can send them our way. ;-)
we've been so cold, windy, and snowy this year. -50 today :(

KayoticSewing said...

What cute long underwears!!! No wonder they want to wear it all the time. Bet it's all soft and cosy too!

Where did you get the fabrics from?

Becky said...

I guess all your cold weather got shipped to my area. It's been the coldest, snowiest winter we've had in ages, and a new activity that my bff and I have started doing is comparing our temperatures to what's happening in Anchorage. We're losing baaaaaad. It's good that your kids have the long johns for when you need them, though!

Leslie said...

I only recently discovered the awesomeness of Kwik Sew patterns! I think I was turned off in the past by their less than stellar cover images but I now love them and this one looks great for kids. All your versions are terrific!