Saturday, January 11, 2014

More fabric! Another wool knit and a microfleece!

Another wool knit, but it’s slightly different than the other two from the other day. And may I stop for a moment to say you people are animals? I was sold out of the fabric by the afternoon and I posted it the evening before. Good job people, fabric hoarders!

Anyway. This is a soft blue wool knit. 100% wool on one side and 100% hi-wick polyester on the other side. Hmmm, these pictures are coming off a little gray, but I swear it’s more blue than gray. It’s pretty. This one has a diamond pattern that you can really see from the back. Not so much on the front. This one is stretchier widthwise, 80% and not as stretchy lengthwise, about 25%. Blue Knit on Etsy.


This, you guys have seen a hundred times but in another colorway. I bought two bolts a couple years ago and I’ve used us the pink one. This green version I just never used much. It was a roll-end from Patagonia and it’s high-quality stuff. I’ve made a billion pink pajamas with the other fabric. It doesn’t pill and it hold up to anything. And you can iron it (pressing cloth though, people!!!!!!). I always have to add bling to the girls’ jammies! Green MicroFleece on Etsy.


Remember these?



Or these?

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