Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jalie 3245 Again and Again and Again and Again . . .



These tops are made from almost all little remnants. The pink/gray stripe is from this recent top, the yellow knit is from a pair of pajamas I made the twins, the purple top is the remainder of this purple Jalie cardigan. Our theme here was solid main shirts and sheer sleeves. I used the next size up for all three of the girls. You can tell they are just a tiny bit too big. They are all slightly different lengths too, depending on how much fabric I had left over.


The girls love them. I let them pick the main color and the sheer sleeve.



I love this purple mesh.


I also made one for me. Of course. Mine is the remnants of this animal print (yes, I know I have an animal print problem). I used it before to make a sweatshirt.


I love this white knit I used on my sleeves too.


This is a great little pattern if you are looking for a great-fitting basic raglan tee. Jalie is the new KwikSew (like the REAL KwikSew, not the crap-tastic-craft-tastic “KwikSew” they sell now).  I probably sew more basics than anything else for my kids and I almost always use my Jalie patterns. For anyone who hasn’t tried them, TRY THEM! They aren’t a sponsor, btw . . . . just a favorite of mine.


The Material Lady said...

Jalie look great for sportswear too. I haven't used them yet but with your recommendation I will soon :)

kristin at sunnysewing said...

great way to use up some remnants! I, too, love Jalie. Great shirts! I love the one with the animal print :)

Veronica said...

You aren't kidding about the new Kwik Sew. I bought one recently and was soooo disappointed. I guess I was in denial and thought when they got bought out they would remain the same. I was downright angry over the tissue paper and 5/8" seam allowance. I have a few Jalie's but I've never actually used them. Sounds like I should get on that!

Mrs. Smith said...

So cute!

Elizabeth Wellons said...

You are so right about Jalie patterns, Dawn. I've never made one that I wasn't happy with. It is my go-to t-shirt pattern. And that adorable pleated cardigan that we both love so much! And the jeans that fit like a dream. I could go on and on. And the fact that you get sizes from 2 to a zillion is such a bonus. BTW, what happened to Kwik Sew? Did they get bought out my one of the big 4 companies who then decided to ruin it?

Da99516 said...

Kwik Sew was bought out by McCall a few years ago. My local fabric store has some of the older KwikSew patterns and I buy them up when they go on sale. It's shame, really. KS never had great trendy clothes but they had GREAT directions, GREAT fit, and GREAT basics. Now, well, you've seen the "new" KwikSew. Blech.