Monday, May 12, 2014

Jalie 3354 - Gymnastics Leotard

This is another one of the new releases from Jalie. We needed a swimsuit and a leotard so good timing, Jalie!


Hideous, shiny fabric? Check. She does not look amused here, but trust me, she’s in love. I added 1.5” to the torso and I think that’s about the perfect amount. She has a little bit of space too grow, but it fits great with nice booty coverage.


She’s in love and she might marry it. And when we went to the park, she insisted on wearing it with her new circle skirt.


She loves how it sparkles and how the lacy pink skirt moves and how she was the only person wearing a leotard at the park. And that boy, he’s such a boy. Sigh. Is he putting bugs in her hair?


Here’s a bad picture of the back. Basically, the front and back are the same. You try to get action shots of the back of a leotard when The Boy is making them go Mach 10 on the tire swing.


Here it is flat so you can see it a little better. I used Mystique silver for the accent piece, hot pink for the contrast trim, and orange/pink/silver for the main body section. The main fabric I found at JoAnn’s and the other two were found in San Diego.


What’s interesting here is the elastic is encased in the contrast trim piece. It takes a little bit to get used to. Definitely try it out on some scraps first!! Next time, I might increase my width by about 1/8” or 1/4”. My serger snips off a bit more than 1/4” so I need just a smidge more width.


Here’s what they look like from the inside. I coverstitched everything instead of zigzagging it. I love the finish inside and love the pop of color on the outside.

Another Jalie winner! I’ll be making another hideous, sparkly leotard here in the next week or so. This one will be even more wild!

Before you start this pattern:

  • Jalie has you mark when the accent shoulder hits the body. I did that by notching it. When you encase that seam in the contrast trim, you lose your notch, duh. Mark it on the body of the fabric with chalk or something. Mine turned out fine but I had to wing it.
  • Practice the elastic/trim application. Really. It’s not hard, but it takes practice and you don’t want to screw up your real pattern piece!
  • This has no CB seam, but I would reinforce the crotch with a serger and a zing-sag just to be sure!
  • Remember that this is an asymmetric design. The first time I cut the silver piece, I cut it on the wrong side! For this pattern, you actually have to pay attention to that!

Next up? Something for momma!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Another awesome Jalie outfit!

Geo P said...

This is gorgeous, I would sleep in it! 😀

Cennetta said...

Adorable DD and swimsuit. It's nice to standout! ;-)