Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jalie 2805 as a water shirt . . .

As you guys know, we are headed down to the hot South here in a few days. I’m worried that my little Alaskan darlings will fry their skin off. To help them (hopefully), I made three water shirts for them to wear. We’ll see if they will actually wear them. They are all made out of nylon swim fabric. I used Jalie 2805 as my base and added the mock turtleneck and used the 3/4 length arms.


I’m in love with this fabric. I used it here when I made a twinny a bathing suit. Unfortunately, it faded like crazy. I’m not sure if it was sun or chlorine. Hopefully this top doesn’t fade like the suit. The blue top was used on my running pants here.


I used my coverstitcher and sewed the triple stitch on the inside so the outside would look more like this flatlock stitch.


I really like the look and it worked well in 98% of the hems. Every once in a while it would do this skipping business. What’s up? I did change all the needles before I started this because nylon is picky anyway.


This is the one I made for the boy. For the twinnies, I just made the standard size 8 (L, I think? with no modifications). For him, I made the 10 and made it boxier. Instead of going in at the waist and out at the hip, I just cut a straight line from armpit to hip. I’m hoping this will give it a more “boy” shape.


Doesn’t it look cool when it’s working perfectly? I set my coverstitcher on 1.5 on stitch length, that’s why it’s so close together.


Don’t you love this fabric? I bought all three of these at Yardage Town in Sand Diego. The swap meet doesn’t have much in the way of swimwear nylon.


I used view B, the mock turtleneck with the 3/4 length sleeves. This pattern is soooooo versatile and useful. Four sleeve options and four necklines? It’s 16 different designs of shirts!

I also made myself a swimsuit too!! I should be able to take pictures tomorrow maybe.


kristin at sunnysewing said...

Whoa, we must be on the same sewing wavelength on this one. I literally JUST made this yesterday but didn't post yet because I wanted pics. LOL. Yours look great and I know the kiddos will love those great prints.

Stacey Wilson said...

My CoverPro skips stitches like that sometimes, as well. It drives me nuts, and makes me not want to use it.

Shirleanne said...

What a great idea to use this pattern for a swim shirt. My coverstitch machine skips stitches sometimes too, but mostly when I go over a seam.

Sue Parrott said...

Oh, these are super cute! I too have problems with the coverstitch as well and it frustrates me so much I have put it in time out for a while. If you come up with a solution for this, please share!

Michelle said...

Great swim shirts! I too had a Janome cover pro and it did this as well. I put up with it for 5 years. I finally bought a Babylock coverstitch machine on eBay ---new from Japan. It is a steamroller like my evolve. I don't have any local dealers that stock these machines and/or know anything about them. Reading on Patternreview some have no issues with the Janome. Is there a good repair guy there or dealer for troubleshooting? I wish you the best ;)

Sue Kenny said...

Name them cooler and the kids will wear them. In Australia they are called rashies. Surfer dudes set up the trend and now all the kids wear them for sun protection. Great rashies - hope you enjoy your time in the "hot south".

sewobsessedmama said...

great job! I'm so stealing your idea. now off to find the brightest colours in the store so I can keep track of the kiddos this summer. I too have the Janome cover pro and I recently purchased a used baby lock evolve. Now I bought the evolve for an extra serger for rolled hems and I recently just tested the covertstitch on the evolve and I love it no problems whatsoever. there is only 1 drawback and that is the harp space - i never thought this would really matter but i tried to topstitch the shoulder seam - it worked on a childs tee but on an adult it would be very difficult. it does binding beautifully. So now I'm thinking of selling my janome and upgrading to a 5 thread industrial top and bottom coverstitch. the baby lock is really nice but for the price i can get a top and bottom coverstitch machine.