Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jalie 3462 - Cutest Running Tights EVER!

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am with these Jalie running tights. I love them, I love them, I love them. More importantly, the girls (including THE Cora that the tights are named after . . . ) LOVE them. I’ll stop gushing because I literally could go on forever how about how much I love these. The fit! The pocket! The bright, shiny accent!


AAAAAGGHGHGHGHHHHHH! Is the back of these not amazing???? I’m trying not to gush . . .


The flower print is a Fabric Mart swimwear lycra. They have it in stock here. The Black is a Nike Dri-Fit fabric, and the green is a gymnastics fabric. It green is not very breathable but I’ll take sparkly over functional any day.


Pair #2. The black is Nike Dri-Fit. The leopard knit is an activewear knit from JoAnn’s and the purple scale knit is a gymnastics pattern from JoAnn’s.


Everyone needs reptile scales on their running pants.


I love this pattern so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t even . . . .


Changes: I have beanpole children, this you know. I made the size M (9) for the length and then folded out an inch for the floral pair. That makes them fit perfectly, but I wanted a little extra growing room so I only pinched out a 1/2” on the leopard pair. I figured the easiest place to pinch out the width is on the front looong piece. So I made a fold vertically all the way from the waist to the hem and also made a corresponding fold on the waistband and the waistband facing. Voila, easy!!!

I need to make a pair of shorts for me!


Kathy {Kathy Sews} said...

You seriously need to make a pair for yourself JUST like these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are awesome.

Dinah said...

Love these, Dawn! May I ask where you purchase your Nike Dry-Fit fabric?

Stephanie said...

Those are so great! Makes me want to buy that pattern just to make wild tights for my daughter.

Melinda said...

Those are gorgeous! I so need to make a pair!

Sue Parrott said...

I LOVE these Dawn! I've never run in swimming fabric, how does it breathe?

Sue Parrott said...

I LOVE these Dawn! I've never run in swimming fabric, how does it breathe?

SewJillian said...

These are utterly fab! I recently made a few pair for myself (you commented over at Pattern Review, Thank you xxx). I love them and everyone wants a pair, but I've had one problem with them and I can't figure it out! The bottom leg from the knee down twists around with wear - they spiral outward so the side seam moves toward the back and calf panel moves closer to the front. It's annoying and visually not so great. Have you had this issue or can think what might have caused it?? The pieces were all cut "on grain" and according to layout instructions. Thank you!!

Ayselce örgüler said...