Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ottobre 06-2015 #31 and #32 Pajamas (and my new binder!!)

So, I bought a binder so I just HAD to make something that needed binding. Right?? You know exactly what I mean, people. So, to get to know my new little friend a little better, I made three pajamas for the Little People. This pajama pattern in this newest edition of Ottobre comes in a huge range of sizes. I made one size 116 (the one modeled by the diva) and two size 128s (lengthened to a size 134).


These are all made out of cotton knits from the National City Swap Meet. I love that place.


This is the best I could get for standing still pictures. Use your imagination. I’m amazed at how well her sunglasses match the knit ribbing and the aqua in the pajamas.


I’ll talk about the binding in detail below. This has a bound neckline and bound sleeve hems. There are supposed to be buttons on the faux hem but I liked this better. I like the mix of the prints on the front and back.


This is one of the larger version. This cotton knit is so soft and cozy. The Twin Girl Things will love it.


Look at this awesome knit binding!!!


My bad, I sort of suck at this. I need to baste EVERY TIME. I keep thinking I’ll just wing it.


Again, I thought the flowers would be more fun.


Another set for the second twinny. This time I actually used buttons.


I think the binder may be my new friend.



Okay, here’s my super snazzy set-up for my binder. It’s too low so it’s at an angle and tilting back. My super-wonderful husband took measurements today to make me a real table. So, to do this I just some of winged it. I knew (sort of) what this whole set-up was supposed to look like and I just put it together until it looked like it would work.


Strangely, it worked perfectly the first time I used it. It took a bit of fiddling to get the needles in the right spot, but it’s pretty freaking amazing. I am sticking with actual knit binding right now since I think it’s “grabbier” and easy to use than slick knit fabric. I will experiment with those things after I feel comfortable using this.


My second attempt. I ended up using the same thread and binding for all three of these pajamas. I figured why mess up a good thing. This aqua knit binding is from Fabric Mart. I have it in red, green, and this aqua. The dark blue above is from JoAnn’s and it seems to work well too.


The only time it actually didn’t work was when I was sewing the bottom hem on one of the sleeves. I blinked and everything went to hell in a hand basket. I don’t know exactly what went wrong. I cut another sleeve and it did fine the second time around. 



I did practice quite a bit before attempting a real project with this binder. I’m super pleased with the results. I will be getting another one in a bigger size. This is the 3/8”  (finished size) industrial binder.

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