Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ottobre 01-2014 #30 Kids’ Sweatshirt

I found this cozy sweater knit at JoAnn’s and I knew it was destined for a cozy kid sweatshirt. This girl is my no-nonsense, anti-fashion girl. She loves her leggings and her sweatshirts. As predicted, she’s a happy camper.


I used this Ottobre pattern in size 128. The girls are nine and much closer to the 134 size if you just look at their height. They are super thin little ladies though. So, I made the 128 and added two inches in the length for all that height. I also made the sleeves the 134 length. The fit looks about right.


I’m not sure I love how I color blocked it. I’m thinking the stripes should have been the top panel so the sleeves would look more like they belonged.


She’s really super happy with it so that’s all that matters.


I love the high, turtle-neck-ish neck when the hood is off and it is buttoned.


I’m not super happy with the rib knit. It seems to have very little recovery.


I think the hood is the best part. I did sort of a hack job on the ribbing but it still looks okay. Oh, and big news in the sewing room. I just bought my first binder. Yes, there will be more. Many more. More on that later.


To finish the hood at the bottom, you use two thin, interfaced fabrics as the backing for the buttons and buttonholes.


This is the right side. You can barely see where I topstitched from the front to attach those small white pieces.


I’m super happy with all the details on this little sweatshirt. I think it’s super cute. And the girl LOVES it and wants to wear it bed. That’s a definite win in my book.


What else do I have?? I have a Jalie Hoodie that is finished. I have a couple pairs of Jalie pajamas to show you too. I’ve been busy. Oh, and of course the new binder. Sqqquuuueeeeeee. I haven’t had much of a chance to play yet but it works well!!

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