Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jalie 3243 Kids’ Pull-on Pants

This pattern is a staple in my sewing queue. I’ve it used for summer shorts for myself, pajama pants for my kids, and rainproof/windproof pants. It’s great. My son, who seems to be hitting some sort of growth spurt, is steadily growing out of all his pairs of pajama pants. He lives in these things while at home so I made him another couple pairs.


Behold: Condiment Man. I took him to the fabric store with me and he picked these prints out. It is so hard to find flannel in boy colors/designs. There are four billion unicorns and baby designs, but only about five boy prints.


I used the size M (kids’ size 9) and added two inches at the knee. He’s 11, but very thin. These will be too long for approximately four days. Then they will probably be too short.


Oh, the shame. *hangs head* Curse the mother that forgets about directional prints! Although I justified it to myself that there wasn’t enough fabric to cut it any other way.


Photo bomb attempted. And denied.


I did something different this time with the waistband casing. I hate making a waist casing, feeding the elastic through, and sewing the remaining opening. Instead, I took a page out of the Cora Legging pattern and sewed the elastic onto the attached facing. Then I flipped the facing the the inside and coverstitched from the outside.


I made this second pair too. I didn’t even realize I had cut the front (yes, the FRONT) upside down until I looked closely at it. I don’t think anyone will be looking that closely.


See? The damn animals are upside down!


I’m working on my October Burda Challenge and I still have a Jalie Hoodie to show you too!

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