Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ottobre 05-2015 #8 Knit Raglan Top

I told you I was crushing on Ottobre lately. I just made this raglan top. The fit is very loose but it’s just like it shows in the magazine. The sleeves are called saddle sleeves. I’m not sure if that’s a different kind of raglan variation, or if that’s what the term translates to.


This is definitely a tuck-in shirt for me. The sleeves are very long. Most Finnish people are taller than me so that makes sense. I’m average height for an American woman. I could probably take a whole inch off the sleeves and it would be better. Although, I do like long sleeves.


You can see how long and unfitted this is. I used the size 34. I did make my standard 1” above the bust alteration. There are some wrinkles there so maybe I don’t need that Ottobre? More tests are needed. Oh darn.


I really like the curve of the raglan, excuse me, saddle sleeve.


This raglan t-shirt is the same basic pattern as these three patterns. Two are cardigans, and one is the cute sweatshirt. I’m totally making that. Did you see Kathy’s version? I love it! See how Ottobre releases things and repeats elements? I like this cute pocket. I’m not sure what to call it.


Eek, I still need to make my September Burda. I am so behind!!! And I want to start my Jalie hoodie too!


Jne4sl said...

Cute top, especially the contrast. I made this and the hoodie yesterday (stuck them on Kollabora). I was curious if I could like the same cut of shirt in a sweatshirt knit and a jersey. Turned out the body I like the fit just the same in both, but in my jersey the sleeves were way to loose and I took width out. It was also striking how much longer the sleeves fit in the jersey and even though I thought I had my adjustment calculated from the sweatshirt, I had to take out at least another inch for the tee. Glad I sewed them in that order. Ottobre has definitely had standard raglans in the past so here they are drawing attention to the fact that it's so high on the shoulder. I really like the cut. I think I will try one of the cardigans next but maybe not for a while. I know this will be my go to pullover hoodie pattern and I'll also keep it in mind whenever I want a heavier tee, probably won't make it from rayon jersey again.

Denise said...

Great top! And I really like that fabric, too.

Anonymous said...

I've come across a 'saddle shoulder' in knitting before, it's been around for a looooong time, at least I've found it in a vintage knitting pattern before. Nice looking top!

Kathy {Kathy Sews} said...

I love the the sleeves are longer and I don't have to lengthen them for me. I love this top and totally need like 17 of them.

barbara said...

saddle shoulder patterns are so hard to find, i've been looking for one forever. they used to be very popular. unlike raglans, which exaggerate narrow, sloped shoulders, the saddle shoulder kind of squares them of. very flattering! you mostly see them today in RTW sweaters for men. was this a burda pattern? what number? you did a fantastic job with it and i really like the sleeve length. i'd have to lop off 3" to approximate that length and even then i'd have to add a thumb-hole. :)

Sewing Sveta said...

Ordered the magazine%)))

Jos van KloskaCreAtief! said...

This pattern is on my to do list as well, love your version!

Anonymous said...

I love raglans, and I especially love the lines of the "saddle sleeves." Super cool pattern, and that long jacket is calling my name. I've never sewn an Ottobre, but I really want that jacket.

Mary Danielson said...

The cut of that raglan sleeve is so cool! What a great top on you. I've never tried an Ottobre pattern before, but just ordered their last two magazines, thanks to your posts. So excited to try them out!