Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Pair of Eleonore Pants!

See? Look how excited I am!! This is my fourth (??) pair of these and I love them, love them, love them. I think I truly could live in the Jalie Eleonore Jean, the Jalie Dolman Top, and one of their cardigans (either this one, this one, or this one). I could make a whole mix and match wardrobe from just those patterns. That purple top is a Jalie Dolman top; I blogged about it here.


What can I tell you about these? Let’s see, the denim baaaaarely has enough stretch for this pattern. Getting them on makes me shimmy, but once they are on, they are comfortable. I did have to let the knees out on these pants after I made them because this denim is stiff. Like coated, stiff. This is denim I bought to make jeans with, forever ago. Like really, YEARS. AGO. It literally does seem coated with something that makes it slick and stiff. They are a chocolate brown and I think they will go with everything.


You can see there are lots of leg wrinkles near my knees. I think it’s mostly because it is so stiff. I’m hoping they soften up with repeated washings.


I did my double topstitching (front fly, inner legs, pockets, etc.) with my coverstitch machine. It’s just regular serger thread. The pockets, bar tacks, and hem are using white Gutterman upholstery thread and a topstitching needle.

Another versatile pair of jeans. I love this pattern!!!! I love them in this color too!!

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