Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jalie 2563 - Sports Bra

Yes, I know these are not exercise pants. Focus on the sports bra. I did a really fast photo shoot while everyone was out walking the dog.

I love this pattern from Jalie. Not only does it have this comfortable, supportive sports bra, but it also has another sports bra and a pair of running shorts. I’m particularly excited about the shorts because they have a seamless crotch (why does this keep yelling, “crotchless panties” in my head when I proofread?). Instead of four seams meeting at one spot on your lady bits, there is a panel that runs up one leg, across your, ahem, bits, and down the other leg. I’m very interested to see how comfortable they are during a run. I’ll probably wait on those until summer though, since it’s about 30 degrees here.


Anyway, back to this bra. I made the main part out of a swim lycra and the straps and back out of a stretch mesh. The front is also lined with the same stretch mesh. To make it more compression-y, I took it in about a 1/2” on each side seam after it was made. I also made the bottom elastic about four inches smaller than recommended.


I love the cut of the back. This back isn’t quite as narrow as the Anne-Marie tank/dress.


I spared you my face in this one. After seeing my arms, you can only imagine. I wanted you to see that there is nothing popping out at any angle.


Fuzzy, but you get the idea. It covers all the stuff you want covered. Sometimes, in certain sports bras, I’m a bit exposed on the side. Not in this one, though.


I changed one thing in construction. They have you put the lining in the front and baste it to the main piece of fabric. Then you treat them as one and attach them to the strap. Instead, I sandwiched the seam allowance between the lining and main fabric.


I can see many, many, many more of these in my future. I ran six miles in it today, so it’s supportive enough for a run. This is also the pattern that Melissa uses for quite a few sports bras.


My November Burda Challenge is done! I’ll post that in a day or two (hopefully).

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