Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Burda Challenge for October - 10-2015 #110

Yes, I’m late. Again. I actually had this done over a week ago but the darkness outside and my busy schedule has kept me from taking photos. I present to you . . . Burda 10-2015 #110. This is a cut-on cowl-neck top with released darts and cowl-neck extensions that create a back V.


Here you can see the released darts really well. There are two on the front and two on the back. There are also two normal bust darts at the sides. You can barely see them here with this print.


The cowl neck actually extends and forms this v-neck.


We interrupt this photo shoot to bring you reality. Indoor photo shoots like this always end up like this. Little people get all frisky and try to “help”.


These photos are done with my entry light on and a big lamp on in my living room. Then, they are heavily edited so they aren’t a dark mess. I’m shooting with an ISO of 6400 people, work with me. I wish I had beautiful light and pretty backdrops, but alas, I take what I can get.


Me: Hey Honey, is the back all straight? Is it getting hung up on my butt?
Honey: *snap, snap* No babe, it looks just fine. *snap, snap*
Me: What about the neck? Everything looks good?
Honey: Yea, it looks great. *snap, snap, snap*


Well, the back does lie straight and all is good when it isn’t tucked into the shirt. *sigh*


All in all, I think it’s a little meh. I don’t love the fabric. It’s a thin cotton with not much stretch. It does drape well though. This pattern can be used with a woven or knit. They suggest a zipper on all versions. I opted to not put a zipper in it. I’ve lost a few pounds recently, but this pattern seems to run a bit large. I made a straight 34 and it is pretty loose on me. I would love to try the dress length version of this pattern in a wool flannel.


Next up: I have a Jalie that’s been done for weeks! I’ve finally gotten it photographs. I’m telling you, this daylight from only 9am to 5pm business makes it hard to take pictures! It’s dark when I go to work and twilight when I drive home. Oh, and I have a fun surprise to show you next week!

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