Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet Penny!!

So I've been wanting a dog FOREVER. Like YEARS. My last dog was lost in the divorce and he lived with the other side of the family. My husband is anti-hair and anti-mess. I finally convinced him to get a dog that is of the "doodle" persuasion because of the lack of shedding. I'm not sure how I feel about being the sort of woman that has a "designer breed," but I'm okay with it if it means both my husband and I will be happy.

So, meet Penny. She's a German Shepherd/Poodle mix, or Shepadoodle. She should be about 60-70 pounds when she is all done growing. She's about four months old and is the calmest puppy I've ever seen. We are currently working on her with the standard sit, down, come commands and she is picking themup quickly. She should be smart since she comes from smart parents and smart breeds. Her mom is a white AKC registered German Shepherd and her dad is an AKC registered dark brown Poodle. She is mostly dark brown with random white hairs on her back and tail.

She has giant feet and she is just the sweetest dog.

She wasn't quite sure about the "white stuff" when she got here, but she has adjusted well.

Between my morning running and her running around with the kids, she's a tired puppy at night. Literally.

You'll be seeing more of Penny because I'm super smitten with her. If you are my FB friend, you know I've been posting lots of pictures. Sorry (not sorry)!

I also have some sewing stuff to show you too. More Jalie and Ottobre!