Saturday, November 7, 2015

Jalie 2975 - Favorite Hoodie Ever!

How freaking cute is this hoodie? I love it!!! I see many more of them in my future. I’ll definitely be making these for the Little People in my life too. I already have a request for a color blocked one. WITH a hood. These people are so particular. Sheesh.


I know the lighting and focus aren’t the greatest. I’m working inside with bad lighting. There are a couple things I really love about this hoodie. One is the sleeve length. I hate it when jackets are too short and when you move your arms, your poor little wrists freeze. Not so in this jacket. The arms are nice and long. Second, I love how it grazes the hips and is a bit longer. Third, I love the welt pockets. The directions made it really easy. And fourth, I love, love, love the collar/hoodie itself.


Ignore my Resting Bitch Face. My children are “helping” me in these photos and apparently I wasn’t happy with someone. I love how the collar stands up even when the hood is down. Super cozy on a chilly neck.


I made my normal Jalie size of S. I added an inch above the bust like I do for almost all patterns. The fabric is a PolarTec PowerStretch fleece. It’s water and wind resistant and plush on the inside. I forgot to take a picture of the inside. Oops!


The hood is shaped with several pieces, so it fits the head really well.


More Resting Bitch Face. Happy little photo bombers.


I’ve had this jacket done for weeks but only just photographed it. I wear it constantly inside. I get chilled easily and this is the perfect throw-on jacket for inside or to run outside and check for chicken eggs (we get three a day now! I think one is a dud? She’s never laid anything!). I love all the topstitching and the seaming; great details that make it look very high end.


I made this as part of the Jalie Hoodie Sew Along. I finished it way ahead of the deadline because I don’t like to start multiple projects and I like to finish my tasks quickly (I’m a total list-checker-offer).


Next up? Another pair of Eleonore Pants and an Ottobre.

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