Friday, May 6, 2016

Jalie 3022 Little Running Pants

Boring black running tights from the front, right? Right??


Zebra Party Butt in the back!!! These are Jalie 3022 in size L.  I love, love, love the seam going down the back of the pattern. It totally makes for some super fun color blocking options and it makes your butt look twice as small (my concern for my butt, not my concern for this one’s butt). I also like the split waistband detail so you can add some color to the waistband too.


You can see these aren’t totally tight in the legs, but they are snug in the butt and waist. I kind of did that on purpose so they were easy to get on and off.


I used the yoga pant pattern and narrowed the legs to be skinny rather than bootcut. I let Little Mrs. Thing choose her accent color/pattern. Obviously she is a girl after my own heart because she chose an animal print.



You can see the pants are a little too long on her too. That’s goo because next week they will be too short. :)


Love the color blocking options!

Next up . . . I have no idea so you’ll just have to wait . . .

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