Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ottobre 03-2016 #12 Fringy Knit Top

More kid sewing! This is from the latest Ottobre magazine. I fell in love with the fringe. I made this in the largest size for my six year-old.


Technically, this is a really easy knit top. It flares a bit at the bottom and has a lot of great movement. You could see that if I could get an action shot. You know how that is with kid though. Taking pictures of them is like trying to thread a needle on a running sewing machine. You’ll have to take my word that it’s cute when worn. You could add this same fringe detail to any knit t-shirt pattern though.


This is made out of a doubleknit from FabricMart. It had a great hand. I left the bottom hem unfinished because I think it goes more with the raw-edged fringe. They tell you to use your top coverstitch machine to attach the fringe. Yea, because everyone has one of those machines!! Instead, I used my double needle coverstitch. Ottobre tells you yo pull the fringe pieces. On a non-double knit, they would probably curl. Not these babies though. They just ravelled a little bit. Oh well, it’s still a cute look.


I still need to fine tune the binding attachment. It mostly does okay, but it’s not perfect. I’m still using my “three stacked blocks and sticky putty” arrangement. I had a hard time with the binding as it was going over the double thickness where the fringe was. It’s still fine and no one (except you and me) will probably notice.

Up next: Zebra Butt!

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