Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ottobre 03-2016 #25 Another Knit Dress

Yes, I know, I may be getting mildy repetitive. But, I had the same fabrics out on the cutting table and it was almost all used up and then the machines were already threaded with the appropriate colors, and the magazine was there . . . .

I made this in size 122 with one inch added to the skirt length.

You can tell she is almost in the next size up!!

Yes, same double knit body and mustard yellow as the last dress. This time, though, big changes!! A red v-neck for the neckline!! Wooo, didn’t I tell you you were in for some big changes??

I love the ruffle sleeves and the neckline. I bound this one also using my new binding attachment.

Doesn’t it look professional though?? I love this thing.

I left the sleeve edges raw. You were supposed to finish them with a serged, rolled, or overcast hem. I decided to use raw edges so that it more closely resembled the hem, which I again left raw.

I’m getting so much better at lining up the edges when I serge the bound edges together. And instead of trying to stitch perpendicular to the coverstitching, I now topstitch over the coverstitching to secure the serged edges. It works so much better for me. Here you can barely see the topstitching on top of the line of stitches closest to my thumb.

Here are the two dresses side by side. Matchy, but not too matchy.

I am out of the yellow fabric and both of the black and white prints. I love completely using up pieces of fabric!

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