Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ottobre 01-2016 #18 Cute Raglan Dress

Another cute knit dress from Ottobre. This time, it’s in the raglan flavor. Theirs was yellow and had pineapples. Mine are much more subdued.


This one is made from a JoAnn Fabric sweather knit. This is a thic, chunky, and COZY knit. This would have been great had I made it several months ago in the winter. I’m sure it won’t fit by next winter.


I’m doing slightly better with my binding attachment.


This one is knit on the top and woven on the bottom. I really love the butterflies on the top. I tried to mimic it by embroidering some butterflies on the skirt too. The skirt is a very stretchy thin denim material. I really like how it turned out (excpet as noted below). She does too and that is all that matters to me. I made the size 122 and it seems to fit well.


Here’s my problem though. When I wash this, the hem flips up to the wrong side. Last time we took it out of the dryer, the entire hem was flipped up. I ironed it like a mad woman and it still only behaved for part of the day. Any ideas on how to fix this? Drying it with weights on it? Somehow drying it upside down hanging it from the hem? I had a pair of jeans that did this on one leg and it drove me crazy. I never could get them to behave.


Help me with my hem problem!!

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