Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks and some answers

Thanks guys for all the positive comments on my dress! I really, really like it too. It is hanging in my closet and I can't wait for my husband to get home from hunting so we can have a date night! I gots to find me some silver shoes.

Some questions and answers:
Rachel said...
. . . I am impressed that you can do BWOF with no pics. Can you give me any hints? I am about to try my first BWOF pattern.
Rachel -- Check out this link for Burda. This is where I put all the tips/suggestions for using Burda patterns. I add to it every now and again.

kasizzle said...
Wow! Looks beautiful on you. Do you have some place special to wear it?
Kasizzle -- Not yet. I do have a wedding this summer so I'll probably wear it to that function. But, my DH and I are long overdue for a "no-kids" dinner.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link to the Burda hints. I think I am going to try the pattern that has pics with it as my first one. I have the 4/2008 issue and the pattern with pics is a cute skirt. I absolutely love your idea of putting two pens together to trace a Burda pattern. I would have never thought of that. Are there any sewing books you consult when the Burda directions don't make sense? I am really wanting to make the pattern 4-2008-101 but the directions for that front placket with the lacing has be stumped.

Dawn said...

Rachel, the two pen idea is not something I can take credit for. I got that idea from the tip/techniques board. It does seem to work really well though. I don't currently have any sewing reference books. Most of my stuff is trial and error. In the past year I have made several big mistakes and ripped a lot of seams.

Unknown said...

After being out in the woods with nothing but mosquitoes and moose, you are going to be a sight for sore eyes. Better bring a snack in your purse. You may never make it to the restaurant. *wink*


Shannon said...

Love the dress! Great fabric- and it looks gorgeous on you!

Shannon F