Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm sure glad I sew

My mom was in town this weekend. Actually she has been here for a week so there has not been a lot of sewing going on. We went to JCPenny's to find her a pair of petite pants. There aren't many places that sell petite clothing. I never realized it before. Anyway, while she was trying clothing on, I was looking at the construction of the clothing there. Yikes. The topstitching was visibly wonky, the facings wrinkled and flipped to the front, the hems were not straight, etc. In a nutshell, things just looked cheap. I really haven't been shopping in one of these big department stores in a long time. I used to go to Lamont's (bought out by Gottschalks) when I was in high school because it was all we had. I never really looked at the quality then but has it always been so bad or has the quality gone down recently? Is the bad economy forcing them to cut corners?

I am so glad I am sewing my own clothing nowadays.

The quality of shoes looked good and I walked out with two new pairs. :) That's what happens when you are waiting for someone else to find pants that fit.

I should have a new top with snaps in a day or two. It's getting mighty close. I feel like I'm exceedingly slow but my mom's been in town, a good friend was here for a week, school started, yadda, yadda, yadda. I will survive.


Myra said...

I know, even my efforts (since I rip out mistakes and redo) are better than a lot of RTW in a normal price range. People need to get over the "homemade" mindset and appreciate that we take the time to make unique and better fitting items. Even when we have trouble getting a perfect fit, our things are still better.

Rhoto said...

Hi Dawn!! I started sewing everything Mom & I wore when I was 12. We're 5'1" and there was only "Half-Sizes" available then... Gramma stuff. Petites came later on. It's still not a well-designed category. Could SOMEONE tell "them" that "we" don't have Audrey Hepburn necks, giraffe arms, enough space for hugh collars & buttons?? Tee! Hee!!
Hope you and your Mom had a good visit!!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal

Ann Made Studio said...

I had a similar incident with my daughter. She was buying a hoodie, the zippers were so off on these tops which made the front pockets not match up. It was so visible, I can't beleive people buy them. Do they not see the imperfections? We must of put back 6 before we found one that was acceptable. I think the quality has definetly gone down!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the quality has definitely gone down. And the selection for petites has diminished in the past few years too.

Unknown said...

I've noticed myself only purchasing stuff I can't/won't make: shoes, underwear, jewelry, purses. Yes, I know I could make the jewelry and purses... but I'd rather sew garments! Hope you've been enjoying all the company!

Melissa said...

I don't know if it's gone done hill more lately or if we just see these things because we sew and know how they *should* be. I've been told on numerous occassions, that I should just go to Target and buy $10 t-shirts. Sorry, but usually they look like crap and the colors never seem to be what I want. I like sewing for me. I get something just like I want it, in the exact color I want, and the fit is much better. Plus it's made in the good ole USA.

Anonymous said...

I sewed some clothing for my mom during the last years of her life -- she was so amazed at the fit and enjoyed the things I made her very much ... it's a happy memory that I treasure (and it felt good to finally do something right in her eyes ha ha!!)

I just found your blog from Pattern Review; I love the clothes you make and think you do an amazing job!

Matrosehase said...

I totally agree. Its not just that the quality has gone down - the prices have gone up too! I only buy shoes, bags, accesoires and stuff like that.