Sunday, August 31, 2008

My luck, she is a changin'

Lookie what I got in the mail yesterday. I ordered a 3' by 6' mat from I ordered the Magic Mat. It looks just like a rotary mat you might pick up at Joann's but this one is a little more stout. The ship it loosely rolled in a box. The edges are still a bit curled but I think they will relax in a day or two. Of course, right now it's on my dining room table. I'll have to put it on the guest bed for now. My husband has decided that I need the back half of the garage so he is going to put in a false wall and build me a table for my cutting mat. He's the best.

I also received my September BWOF in the mail. I am tracing out that cute 60s dress today and going to sew it up with inexpensive fabric before I cut it in a wool crepe. I am a little scared of the front edge seams. I always have a hard time with that type of seam.

And thank you so much for the kind comments about my duds. I know that this phase will pass but it is just frustrating! And I have a ton of questions to answer; I'll be doing that later today.


Amanda S. said...

I starred that design to make sometime for myself as well. But now that I'm rereading it, it's for petites. Darn. I'm excited to see how yours sews up!

Unknown said...

Ooooohh... You got your Sept BWOF? Where's mine??? And such a great hubby! So sweet! Hey, what the inside Alaskan scoop on McCains' VP pick?