Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nothing like a quickie . . .

I made this in about an hour to test the fit of this top. I know that it will be a staple. I love raglan tops and this new one from the August BWOF seemed to be perfect. I forgot to do my normal alteration of pinching out 1/2" between shoulder and bust. It really shows up on this top. I made a size 34 and I was worried that it would be too tight because the BWOF description made it sound very tight, "This top simply can't be topped! It just clings to your body as it's made up in fine knit, the plain raglan cut allowing the unusual print to tell the story." You can see right above the armpits some pulling where the grey and blue meet.

Aren't these wrinkles saying I need an FBA? When I remove that 1/2" I hope it will all be better. That small alteration usually fixes the problem.

I really want to tackle the athletic butt/sway back adjustment with this one too. I omitted the zipper but kept the back seam so I could alter the fit.

I know the sewing is a little wonky but I wanted to do a quick muslin. This blue fabric is a tacky polyester fabric. It sews up okay but holds odor like nobody's business. The grey is some random knit. Once I get the kinks out of this pattern, I'm going to make a bunch of these.


Anonymous said...

Your muslin looks good, especially from the front--I think with the alterations you mention it will be a great fit--definately make it a bunch of times.

Kat said...

No, that wrinkle doesn't necessarily mean an FBA. What it *does* mean is more shaping is needed; hence, dart it out. I know because I get that same wrinkle, but I dart it out and transfer the dart somewhere else.

-E said...

Reading over my shoulder, my husband actually said, "See, I'm not the only one who thinks an hour is a quickie."
Great top, love your blog :)