Thursday, November 27, 2008

I heart KwikSew

I receive the KwikSew newsletter (to sign up)which they send out a few times per year. I always read it because they always have some helpful tips, fashion tidbits, or interesting KwikSew historical information.

This time they had a link to reprints of their technical articles. I read a few of them and they are chock full of great information. It looks like these have appeared in Stitches magazine, an Australian publication.

Customer service is something I really value and this company has it in spades. The one time I had a question about one of their patterns, I emailed them. They responded within 24 hours and politely pointed out why I was putting together incorrectly. They have a Completed Projects Survey, the Colour Visualizer (it you haven't played with this you need to), and a places for you to add feedback. When I did break my pattern fast (because I have a subscription to BWOF ) it was with KwikSew (this dress).

Here are a few of the articles they cover and here are all of them.

I'm going to work on a LBD today!

Very appropriate for all the jackets and pants I've been doing.

I want to try this on a neckline.
Great, basic, well-written information. I wish I had had this article for the Coat Sew Along because it goes from start to finish. There are two parts. The only snafu? The link for Part 1 goes to Part 2 and the link for Part 2 goes to Part 1.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that link. I signed up for their newsletter. I need all the help I can get. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

2BSewing: said...

I love Kwik Sew as well. Thanks for providing the links to their sewing articles. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving...Susan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I read a lot of Australian blogs and they mention Stitches a lot!

kbenco said...

I love those articles by Martyn Smith. I made my first ever jacket with those magazines open all over the living room floor. The jacket articles are in Stitches vol 15 #10 and #11, then in #12 there is a terrific article by Martyn on jacket linings. I think you can still get all of these as back issues.

JC said...

I just signed up for their newsletter, too. They seem to have simple patterns for beginners like me. I will definately look into one very soon. Thanks again.!

Jacqui said...

Thanks for sharing the link! Much cheaper than buying Stitches. =) Your coat is gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!

angie.a said...

Ok, I get the newsletter and never knew I could get all that! THanks for the info!!!

And I absolutely hear you on the CUSTOMER SERVICE. Amen. ;)