Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Progress

  • I have finished the two microfleece tops for my mom and MIL. They are both dark blue. I added a zipper to the neck so they can get them on easier.
  • I also made a raglan top for myself out of a thin sweatshirt knit fabric. It's the dark gray one below. All three of these tops are made from KS 3567. I'm not sure why I messed with the Ottobre one without looking at this pattern and flat measuring first.
  • I made myself another Jalie/Burda turtleneck. This one is a ribbed knit in a sage green color. No pictures of me wearing it tonight. Next time I slip it on I'll take a picture.
  • I still have to finish the girl's coat but it is cut out. I eliminated all the cute stuff on the front because the last coat almost killed me. This one will be Plain Jane.
  • I also have my wool coat cut out for the Coat Sew-Along so I'll start sewing on that. I need to do a little research on interfacing.


CrazyKwilter said...

Is someone going to notice her coat is missing the "cute stuff"???

I'm amazed at how many things you

Unknown said...

Back in March when I made my first coat, I used a Vogue Pattern that also called for interfacing all pieces. I used a knit interfacing on all the pieces, but didn't get as detail oriented as the Threads article reads. The interfacing helped the wool hold it's shape, and wasn't hard to work with. The way I read the Threads article was as a "behind the scenes" at Armani, not necessarily as a "tutorial". Regardless, good luck, but I know you don't need it!

Anonymous said...

You know, just because they're twins doesn't mean you have to make the same thing for them every time. How about a bang-up job for one one year, with a simple equivalent for the other, and the opposite the following year? Then they get to each feel extra special every other year, and it doesn't kill you... Or do the great coat for one, and a smashing shirt for the other on the same year, and then swap. Something so you don't totally burn out :-)..