Monday, November 17, 2008

Win a Free Jalie Pattern!

Did you guys see this?? According to at 8:45pm AST there have been 495 Jalie reviews. Only five more and you could be a winner. If I won, I would have to choose one of the following I think.

I am dreaming of somewhere warm but that may not happen this winter.

I have always loved this coat. I love that green one with the hood. I have the perfect fabric for it in my stash right now!

Again, warm weather.

I have liked this hoodie since it came out too.

Do you see a pattern? Either a bathing suit or a coat. Funny.


Lori said...

As I was reading your blog post, I was laughing about either the coat or the swimsuit and you live in Alaska and it is winter! Good luck

Melissa said...

I like all those patterns. I do have the coat one, I too liked the view with the hood since it rains an awful lot in Washington.