Sunday, December 21, 2008

BWOF - Year in Review - Part I

I'll be doing this in two parts so bear with me . . .
Thanks Lindsey T for telling us about Picnic. This is the program I used to make the collages.

March 2008 - My first BWOF magazine. I went a bit crazy with this one and made quite a few things out of it. I linked each of these to my PR reviews.
May 2008 - This was my second BWOF and also when I decided a subscription would be a good thing.
  • #105 - Overblouse - I made two version; one wool and one in stretch plaid. I wear the wool one all the time as a layering piece.
  • #104 - Dress with Waist Runching - I never did wear this to wedding for which I made it. It was too cold that day. Instead I wear it in the winter with tights and a knit top underneath.

June 2008 - This was my first magazine that came with the subscription.
  • #106 - Retro Blouse - I was only so-so with this when I made it but I wear it all the time too. I wear it with a light knit top under it to keep warm. I love the length and the drawstring waist tie.
  • #123 - T-shirt with Cut-Outs - I like this but never wear it. Maybe I can wear this this summer when it's warm.
  • #104 - Pants - I love these pants but dislike this color. I'll have to make these again but with a more neutral color.
  • #125 Pants with Hip Flaps - I love these and forgot to add them to the collage.

July 2008

  • #116 - Empire Top - This is made out of black eyelet and I love it. I haven't had many opportunies to wear this but maybe next summer.
  • #140 - Headscarves - I think they are cute; my husband says, "Dime store hooker . . ." You decide.

August 2008

  • #109 - Raglan T-shirt - This is my workout shirt. I wear it when I run indoors on the threadmill.
  • #109 - Skirt with Front Pleat - I like this skirt but don't wear it that often. I should have underlined the fabric. (I just realized that one of these numbers is wrong, I'll have to figure that out. Oops!)
  • #118 - Tunic Dress - I shortened this to top length. I made it out of sweater knit and it's cozy.


Melissa said...

You've made great use of your BWOF this past year. I aspire to be like you in 2009 and use mine much much more. You have tons of wonderful garments - yay!

Sigrid said...

And I thought I was making a lot of BWOF patterns. Wow, what an achievement. Great to see all you did together. And isn't BWOF great?

Myra said...

Wow, and I haven't tried a thing out of the single issues I have. You are so ambitious.

Meg said...

Did I tell you I'm getting a subscription to BWOF for Christmas? I think I did but it bears repeating because this represents a 360 degree turnaround for me. Anyway, nice job on your 2008 wardrobe!

Lori said...

You have made great use of your BWOF magazines. Can't wait to see what 2009 holds for you. Great job.

AllisonC said...

You sure have got your moneys worth. a very inspiring collection - and this is only part 1!

Vicki said...

You really have had a great sewing year. Yippee for BWOF!

Tany said...

Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like even more all listed in one place like that! I can't even manage one per issue usually!