Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me

This was my Christmas present to myself. I already have plans for one of them. From left to right they are Rayon Border Knit, Bright Navy Doubleknit, and Prince of Wales Glencheck. All of them are from Gorgeous Fabrics. I'll keep you posted about the sewing plans. The glencheck already has its destiny planned out.
Next on the list. BOOTS! No, husband did not get me four pairs. He bought me TWO pairs. Last Christmas I received the two on the far right. This Christmas I received the two on the far left. These are from which is a UK company that makes custom-fit boots. I have very skinny calves and regular off-the-rack knee-high boots looked like pirate boots. These fit me perfectly! So, you'll be seeing photos of me wearing the new additions. Really, go to their website and have a look.

Hope everyone's holiday was as fun as ours. Our living room looked like a wrapping paper factory exploded.


Johanna Lu said...

Wow, those are great looking boots, what a wonderful present. I too have skinny calves and can really relate about the pirate boot effect, not to mention how uncomfortable it is having the shaft rocking back and forth when walking. I'd never heard of the company, but it turned out that they have a Swedish site as well! Thank you for the tip.

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh I love the second from the left (boots). Those are all fabulous. And I am sure you will sew up something Mahvelous!

Unknown said...

Beautiful fabrics, great books. Our family room area looked similar, a sea of red (for DD) and blue (for DS) paper!

Anonymous said...

ooh nice! I went on a bit of a post-Christmas fabric binge, too!

I've seen so many good things about Duo online, but they don't seem to customise for my boot problem - skinny ankles! My feet and calves are standard size, but all the boots I buy seem to be designed for "cankles" and have big, droopy folds of fabric at my ankles. :(

Good thing my man picked out shoes for me then, eh? :)

cidell said...

I ADORE those boots to the far left. ADORE.

angie.a said...

Fabulous boots, love love the ones on the far left!!

Whatcha got planned for that glencheck? I have some too that I keep hoarding because I can't make up my mind on!