Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Honey, Don't Read This.

First off, thank you (Thank YOU!!) for all the kind LBD comments. I do feel great in it and that's 3/4 of the whole 'looking good' thing isn't it? I decided a week ago or so that that dress would be the last me thing I made in a while. With Christmas around the corner, I have to crank out kid and family things. I made myself a schedule and I promised myself if I finished each weekly agenda before Sunday, I could make myself something. Isn't funny how we play tricks with ourselves? Anyway, all I have left for this week is to trace out three different things but I ran out of tracing paper today! So I couldn't just be idle when all this great fabric arrived on my doorstep. Yes, my coop fabric has arrived! I'll show you my loot and you can drool on it too.

First up. Three wool-blend jerseys. It is reversible and beautiful. There are tiny stripes on it that look like they are cream/grey. They have great recovery and are a mid-weight. My favorite is the far right one. Surprised? One day, I'll decide I can't stand purple and then I'll have to re-do my entire wardrobe.

Next up, a selection of stretch velours. I love the far left one. It is a blue/green paisley.

The wools! I scored some burgundy wool crepe, black wool jersey, and this great grey suiting. I plan on making a suit out of the grey wool and I'll make it my Serious Suit for parent-teacher conferences.

It's hard to see but the overall coloring is grey but there are tiny flecks of all different colors in it.

Since I couldn't be idle and I've noticed a dearth of basic layering t-shirts, I decided to cut into wool jersey with great results. I used the wrong side for the cuffs and neckband. My son took the pictures. He's four. 'Nuff said.

This is Jalie 2005. Again. I used the regular length arms and then added cuffs. I love extra long arms. That's my jeans waistband poking out of my stomach. Ahem.


Amanda S. said...

Great top! Thanks for showing all your fabric, too.

Unknown said...

1. Did the semi-truck get stuck in your driveway when they delivered your co-op fabric?
2. Dearth?
3. I completely *love* your "trick" of goal-setting, and need to do it myself!
All kidding aside, you know I love you and all you do. I sincerely wish we lived closer together so we could lunch together and share sewing and crazy student stories!

Jacqui said...

What a score! I'm running behind on my Christmas sewing. Wish I could sew as fast as you!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Fun fabrics! And I love your orange top. Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the burgundy wool crepe--been meaning to buy some in purple for a dress!

Kat said...

I love long arms too! One of the many reasons I like sewing is to lengthen sleeves and pants arms for my long arms and legs. You mentioned your jeans waist showing through. That's the one big reason I don't like snug tees. I usually wear a belt with my low-rise jeans to keep them up and that makes a big "bump" right at the buckle. And I won't tuck my shirts in unless my jeans are really low rise because I'm short waisted. What's a girl to do!?

Ann Made Studio said...

Cute cute top! Great fabric!

angie.a said...

hahaha!! He did a nice job, I like your "puckered up" look :D

Ok after reading Kristine's comment, I gotta go back and actually read the post. i'm bad and just looked at the pictures. :P