Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in Time

On Saturday, December 29, 2007 I wrote:
New Year's Resolutions
I resolve to:

  1. Take better care of myself during the two on. Can't be an effective parent/person without this. No more "no dinner" for me. ---I did well on this goal. When my husband starting working two on, two off it was hard for me to manage my children, my full-time job, my side-business. I got tired and burned out and then I got sick. Doing all that when you are sick is no good. I have managed to figure it all out and now the kids and I do a much better job of managing things while my husband is gone.
  2. Take better care of my children during the two on. ---Ditto the answer to number one. When I feel better; my children feel better because I'm a better parent.
  3. Buy fabric wisely. Stop just buying the Bold and Beautiful. Buy some sensible fabric too. ---Yeah, I stopped buying just crazy knit prints but now I just buy, buy, buy!! But, it is nice stuff.
  4. Stop buying patterns that I don't use. Get TNT patterns for all the basics. (Work Pants: check, t-shirt: check, skirt: not yet, suit jacket or some dressier top: nope, A Couple of Fun Casual Tops: not yet.) ---Since I discovered BWOF, I now have lots of TNT things. I am still working on my wonky shoulders/bust area. Once I figure that out, I'll be golden.
  5. Four is enough. ---Apparently I have to be more detailed in my resolutions because I have no idea what the hell this one is about. I don't have four kids so it can't be that. I don't have four sewing machines so it isn't that. Hmmmm. I guess I really worked hard on this goal eh?
    Posted by Dawn at 4:37 PM

So, overall, I don't think I did too badly. I figured out a lot in a year. I'll be posting my resolutions for this year in a couple of days.

This bottom section is for Angie because she asked about the Glencheck. I plan to make this dress from BWOF 12/2008.

The line drawing? Meh. The model photo? Love it. I'll have to score a good belt to go with this dress. Below is the fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.


Lisa said...

Happy New Year!

I love reading your blog and seeing what you have sewn.

I think the Four is enough refers to the 4 resolution you listed; ie, that 4 resolutions for 2008 was enough.

Keep up the good work!

Meg said...

That dress looks perfect for your slim figure. Good luck with it; I think it will be a winner.

Lori said...

Great resolutions. I remember when my twins were born, joining a 4 yo and 7 yo sister. My husband worked crazy, long hours, you are right to take care of yourself, makes it all better.

Can't wait to see that dress on you.

angie.a said...

FINALLY. $!@#$ blogger wouldn't let me comment!

That dress is going to be SO fabulous on your teeny tiny cute little figure. PERFECT design choice for the glencheck.

kbenco said...

I love that dress. I was thinking about making it for myself, but will wait for your review, and maybe for winter as well!