Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kid Sewing -- Jalie and KwikSew

My kids have grown a lot this winter and it's time for the annual (monthly?) hand-me-down-fest. My son used to have a slew of blue "cozy clothes" but now he'll pass those down to his sisters and he'll get a pile of green "cozy clothes" for Christmas. I know it looks like a pile of green vomit but it is two long-sleeve tops and four pairs of pants. Two of them are cuffed for going under snowpants and into boots and two of them are just straight legged.

Another Jalie top for the second girl. I used a gray knit with lavender stretch velvet for the crosses.

Two pairs of pants for the girls. I am missing elastic so all the pants are still unfinished. A lot of things still need the coverstitching for the hems too. Everything here with the exception of the Jalie top are that same KS 3234 Kid's Pajamas pattern.


Meg said...

"Like a pile of green vomit"?? You wacky girl you.

Ann Made Studio said...

They look great...nothing
like vomit :))

Marija Jakopin said...

I read your blog quite often. The story about your son climbing to a boat and than falling down to a fence, was one of the funniest stories ever.
Living in Alaska and having twins makes you a very interesting blog writer.
Today I read your post about your daily schedule. It is quite similar to mine, except, that I don't sew in mornings, since I have to make exercises for my spine (I have scoliosis).
I also have a 2 year old girl (born: 5.2006).

angie.a said...

HAHA!!! I perfectly love that green! Not vomity at all.

I've got to take up your daily schedule for sewing so I can get something done around here. :P

judy said...

Wow! You sure crank out the projects!! I am totally lagging on mine right now! I like the green too!

Jacqui said...

Love the green! Looks more like pea baby food. =) I noticed some tags on them. Do you put size tags on them?