Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boden Spring 2009 - Inspiration

I just received a Boden catalog in the mail. They have cute clothes that are reasonably priced. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love these skirts. They are called Fun Skirts. I love the name and the big, bold appliques on them. I love the brown with the blue embroidery and applique. You can see a close-up here if you zoom.

I have some red/white crinkle fabric that would be perfect for this type of dress. It's kind of an empire waist with a cross top and waist ties. It might make it on the short list for Hawaii. And no I haven't forgotten about the F-ing Cold SWAP but it got a lot warmer!! Right now my focus is warm clothing for Hawaii and all the little things I have to do. I'm sure I'll have plenty more winter to keep me busy.

I;m in love with this dress. It's very similar to BWOF 12/2008 #130. I will be making this but I need to find the right fabric.

Simplicity 3775, anyone? View F.
Back to the grind. :)


Anonymous said...

Boden is how I started to sew again! I didn't want to spend the money on their skirts but loved them! I learned an aline and how to applique. Boden and Anthropologie are great inspirations! You picked some great outfits.

Rachel said...

That green and purple dress is to die for. I had forgotten about Boden. Thanks for the reminder.

Jenaveve said...

I love all of these! Hmm... interesting comment above from Cindy - maybe that is a good way to get back in the sewing spirit.

Anonymous said...

Too funny - I absolutely love Boden for inspiration. Loooove the applique skirts they have. I think I will try to make one soon. :)