Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yeah! It's 2009!

I know that making resolutions are passé but they help me keep a focus in my life. I'm a list-maker and a list checker-offer. Nothing makes me quite so happy as checking things off a list. I'm great at working towards goals and I set them frequently in my professional life too. Whether you call then goals or resolutions, they help me keep on track.
  1. Take my time and make quality garments. This includes fitting my shoulder/bust area correctly for wovens. This also includes thread basting (shudder) when necessary.
  2. Make sure my children and husband are well-clothed. Sometimes I feel like the mechanic whose cars never run or the carpenter who's house never gets that last trim work. I will make sure my family is outfitted and warm.
  3. Stop procrastinating when faced with something I don't want to do. I'll postpone a project because I know it's going to take a lot of hand sewing or time to get it perfect.

I think three is about good. These are big resolutions too. These are lifetime life resolutions if you know what I mean. Whether I'm sewing, teaching, or mothering, these goals will be applicable for each of those facets of my life. I hope everyone has a great start to the beginning of the year. I should be unveiling another dress (no, I don't need another one) in a day or two. Until then, happy sewing!


Melissa said...

Happy New Year! I'm *so* a list maker and checker-offer too! Great goals you have set into place.

Unknown said...

Great goals, Dawn! I am also a list maker, but I'm scared to state my resolutions out loud. Maybe it will keep me from chickening out?

Little Hunting Creek said...

Happy New Year! Good Resolutions :)

Tany said...

Happy New Year!

Sigrid said...

Happy new year!

Alexandra said...

Nice short list and to the point! I like it.

Happy New Year!