Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love My Internet Buddies

I love my Internet buddies for so many reasons. :) First, you guys rock because of all the swimsuit compliments. Thank you!! I do workout and run a lot in the summer. I'm in my it's-ass-cold-outside-and-I-ain't-runnin' phase right now. I'll start running full time again (15-25 miles a week) when March or April comes. Now I'm just lifting weights and doing sporadic cardio workouts. Most of it is genetic and there isn't a cesarean scar (anonymous asked) because those twins came out the chute if you will.

Second, I get this award from several of you (MarySews, Ann of Stitch Me Up, JC of WANNASEW, Ann of Gorgeous Things, and Melissa of Susie Homemaker). Thank you kindly. I really am stunned that people think I'm creative. Hardworker? Yes. Good with my hands? Yes. Creative? No. People that can draft their own patterns or drape are the real creative geniuses out there. Thank you for the award though. It really means a lot that people actually look at my blog and many of you are regular commenters. Thank you!!! I think all of you have been nominated but these are the blogs that I always visit and read religiously: Fashion-Incubator, Hungry Zombie Couture, Sewing By the Seat of My Pants, Slapdish Sewist, Quality Time, Miss Celie's Pants, and Just Keep Sewing.

Third, my sewing buddy Kristine and I are doing a fabric SWAP. She had a yard of this freaking fan-tabulous wool left over and asked me if I wanted it. Um, heck yeah, I want it. I'm sending her some black stretch twill for the exchange. It's cut and weighed and all I need to do it put it in a box and schedule a pick-up. (It's coming Kristine! I promise!)

So, Monday usually sucks but I'm basking in the warmth of my happy little sewing community. You guys rock.


Rachel said...

I used to do Pilates four times per week and I just quit. You have inspired me to get started back doing it.

Ann Made Studio said...

I love running too, but it's also way too cold here! I can just imagine in Alaska :)

angie.a said...

I wish I could say your skinny butt has inspired me to start running...and yet, nope. I didn't get THAT gene.

bwahaha!! outta the chute!!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

That wool is fantabulous! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Thanks for the nomination!

JC said...

We love you, too. That's why I am sure so many nominated you and your blog. I love your frequent posts...believe it or not, even when you said you hadn't posted in a while because you were away, I still kept looking. Truly an inspiration to me personally.

And to have a family and still find the time to sew as much as you do is amazing to me. Take care and keep all of the excellent sewing up :-)

marysews said...

Yes, I think you are creative. Your creations have a much higher average STUNNING factor than mine, and I've been sewing off and on for almost half a century (oh, that sounds really weird).

I'm not a runner, but I will share on my blog when I can run around the block non-stop. Marco Polo, the wonder-bichon, loves to run; me, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, and I was just gonna thank you for your post!!
You DO look great.....
and the swimsuit isn't bad either!!
Trapper Dude and I are on a quest to lose 25 pounds my the end of March, so thank you for the inspiration!
I have sewn (all self taught) but I LOVE to thirft shop and re-fashion things, as well. I started sewing because I wanted my daughter to wear modest clothes...that was 23 years ago!
So I noodle about with more than ever because all three of my kiddos are grown and on their own....that happens FAST! DON'T BLINK!!!
I'll be keeping up with you!!

Dei said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I love to run, clears my mind and starts my day right. But it's a__ cold here too and I haven't stepped a foot outside. No excuses, the gym is literally 3 minutes from my house.

Congrats on the awards. Just for posting a pic in a swimsuit deserves recognition!