Saturday, January 17, 2009

Questions and Answers

Sorry to have two posts in a row of no pictures. I hope to post something recycled/refashioned today. We are headed up to the cabin so I'm not sure I'll have time to photograph it and write the review. I want to enter it in the Pattern Review Recycling/Refashioning/Reconstruction Contest. It's nothing special but I made good use out of what I had.

tcarole has left a new comment on your post "How Did I Get Him?": You've got an amazingly thoughtful and resourceful husband there.Would he mind sharing where he got it? I'm going to Houston next week and I'd love to check out some fabric stores while I'm in town. Thanks!

tcarole -- Sorry I didn't answer this earlier. He went to High Fashion Fabric Center in Houston.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "How Did I Get Him?": Ignoring all your beautiful new fabric out of jealousy, I wanted to ask a question re your photography. Your photos always look great and show a garment well as you post a "whole body shot". My questions are now about your fabric - how do photograph that? You seem to be able to show the colour and texture well. Are there any tips re lighting lens etc you want to share?Your graphs were so interesting BTW and got me thinking too.Natasha

Hi Natasha -- I use a camera with timer on a tripod. I really try to use natural light but Alaska in the winter has very little of it. I take a lot of pictures and find one that isn't too bad. I do use photo editing software a bit to get truer colors. I use which is free to use and download.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another SWAP?": Cute tops! but...synthetics for knit tops = SWEATY in may want cotton knits... there's a reason all those aloha shirts and mu-mu's are out of 100% cotton or silk wovens... Gail who worked so very hard to make "Units" (dating myself, I know) in hot pink, kelly green, black and turquoise to mix-and-match to visit the in-laws on Kauai in the early 90s...SWEATY!

Gail -- Thanks for pointing this out! I really hadn't considered polyester versus cotton but you are right!! I'll stick with either cotton or rayon for my Hawaii tops!

goodworks1 has left a new comment on your post "In the Works": Dawn, How long until you leave for Hawaii? I've got a bunch of new, never tried on two piece suits that would love a home...My son (who lives in Thailand) sent them to me as samples - I think he thought I might sell them somehow.... could send you several of them for the postage...and then you wouldn't have to worry about sewing a suit in such a short time...Actually this offer holds for anyone who is interested. Email me....

goodworks1 -- Thanks for this generous offer!! I really want to tackle making my own swimsuit this time. I'm posting this here to pass the word along for you. :)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Burda 12-2008 #119 Jacket": Great jacket and fabulous colour! Glad to see a petite pattern done ... from over here with another A cup, that FBA must have felt like good value. Your topstitching looks really good. I noted you used Gutterman heavy duty ... any topstitching tips re technique would be appreciated (it's one of my personal sewing goals for this year to improve). Congratulations on the jacket. Natasha

Natasha -- I almost always use Gutterman heavy duty, upholstery, or topstitching thread when I topstitch. I mostly use the upholstery thread. I find that a topstitching needle and tighter tension is required. I usually have regular weight thread in the bobbin and have no problems. I sew lots of samples before I try it on the real fabric. Oh, and get the feet! I have an edgestitch foot (maybe it's also called the "stitch in the ditch" foot?) and a topstitching foot. They have a little groove to keep your line of stitching a precise distance from the seam. It makes it so easy to lay down a straight line of stitches.

bbgrilla has left a new comment on your post "Burda 12-2008 #119 Jacket": I pretty much love everything you make and this is no exception. It's so cute! I've had my eye on this pattern and am so glad to see it made up. I'm curious--did you do the seams like version A (right sides together) or B (overlapping)? Also, do you think a beginner could handle this (especially since it seems a lining is really necessary)?

bbgrilla -- I did version A but with some of the topstitching of version B. I think a beginner could handle this especially because you don't have to bag the lining.

Myra has left a new comment on your post "Hello, Moron. BWOF 01-2009 #125": I like the top and the snaps. Which press and where? I tried a sway back on a knit top w/out a CB seam and worked well. I just pinched the tissue larger on the fold, narrowing until gone as I went toward the seams. It worked really well as before I had had a lot of crinkles there. As far as the shoulder/arm, it looks fine to me and I have no experience at that one.

Myra -- I bought this snap press from I now have dies for #1 grommets and size 16 snaps (open ring and closed). I love it.

Kristine has left a new comment on your post "He's Crafty": I was hoping to get my FIL to make me a set, but I couldn't find the correct measurements anywhere for him to work from. What a great gift, you're so lucky!

Kristine -- Have your FIL check out this .pdf. It's from the Cooperative Extension Service in Kentucky. It gives you measurements for the point presser.


Dr. Bennett said...

Hi dawn! Unrelated to today's post... but here's an answer to your question on my last entry:
Yes, that *was* a narrow hem foot. I LOOOVE that thing. It's my favorite little toy. I do just fine using it with knits, too-- I bet you'd get wonderful use from one, so keep your eyes open for one!
The white foot is a Teflon foot. It was my Clear Elastic Secret-- would stitch in CE with absolutely no trouble at all. Oh, how I wish I had one that fit my Janome! Time to shop...
I'm sorry you missed out on these too. I was shocked at how fast they flew!

Unknown said...

Thanks Dawn, you absolutely ROCK! Have a safe trip to the cabin and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all those answers! I plan to buy both those feet for my machine, so hopefully I can get them quickly. I haven't been able to find topstitching needles, so I'll have to try harder on that one. Those snaps ... every time you show them I get jealous!

Anonymous said...

have a question about your snap press... Do you think it's not worth buying the Prym vario snap kit ( Is it too chintzy? And that's why you bought the snap press?

Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!