Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Gorgeous Fabrics!

And hello new fabric stash to me. Did any of you guys get some of the great fabrics at Gorgeous Fabrics the other day (the other week?) when she had her 24% off sale? It rocked and I did my part to stimulate her economy. I bought a total of nine yards in four different fabrics. First up, my absolute favorite. My colleague has this plaid straight skirt I love and I wanted to copy it. This fabric is a dead ringer for the skirt fabric. But . . . getting it home, I think it wants to be a jacket. Damn this fabric. This is one of those that is going to take a while to find the perfect pattern. The fabric is thick, soft, and so wonderful. This is like this beautiful purple twill I have from Ann too. I haven't cut into it because I can't find the perfect pattern and the fabric is too beautiful to make it into something just okay. I know some of you have the same issues. It'll have to sit for a bit in my stash.

Isn't it pretty? And thick?

Black RPL. It's nothing special to look at but it's super soft and drapey. I LOVE it. Yes, I'm shouting. These are going to make a super nice, comfortable pair of pants.

And now the burnout lawn (sounds like a bad South Carolinian summer). I originally chose a different red print for a dress but I think this one will suit it even better. I'm on a red dress kick and I don't know why. I have a few options for this dress but I'm still undecided. And really, seeing as we were blessed with 10" of snow on Saturday, I'm not in any hurry to make a light summery dress.

Ann says on her website that it's sheer and she ain't kidding. Check out the shells through the flowers. I think I'll be backing this with a white batiste.

Here are some of the dresses I like in my back issues of BWOF. This first one is from June 2008.

This is in the February 2009 issue.
And this one is from May 2008.

Oh, and are you counting? There is one more cut of fabric. It's a very cool denim but it's in the wash. I can see a great pair of jeans (Jalie!! Jalie!!! Go, Emilie, go!) made from this fabric.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about my current project. I'll need some help deciding on a pattern but I think I've got the fabric picked out.


Amanda S. said...

Isn't getting fabric in the mail so fun? I just got a package today... LOVE your red lawn especially. I'm pretty sure the dress from Feb. '09 is bias cut so wouldn't work for a border print. But I'm sure it will look fab for summer. I think I might have to have some now... Thanks for sharing!

judy said...

It is always fun to get a package of fabric!! I was digging through my stash earlier and found all kinds of things I had totally forgotten about! Have fun, I look forward to seeing what you make!

Little Hunting Creek said...

I love all the red - is it SPRING yet? The flowered fabric will make a pretty dress. I like the June pattern best, but any summer pattern is looking good to me!

cidell said...

that has got to be the most fantastic red plaid I have EVER seen. EVER.

Gorgeous Things said...

You're so sweet! I adore that red plaid. I can't wait to see what you make with it!

elbereth said...

I love that dress from BWOF 06/08. I'll bet it would be really figure flattering on you and that burnout is a really pretty color.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I just wanted to mention a skirt pattern for the plaid (or any plaid) that I saw recently in a fashion show. The great thing about it is that it has darts but no sideseams, so there's no need to break up/rematch a beautiful plaid.

It's going to be fun to watch you create some awesome garments with these gems. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the red lawn--perfect for the dress patterns that you chose!

Cennetta said...

Prettty Fabric! I just received a nice package from Gorgeous Fabrics too.

Unknown said...

I left an award for you on my blog :)