Sunday, March 15, 2009

My lesson in contrast

While I was working on the 03-2009 #106 blouse, I was also embroidering. I love having the new embroidery machine next to my regular sewing machine. It sits over there are just stitches away. Occasionally it beeps and I change thread. It's like having another set of arms. Granted, the aprons aren't as cute here but I took my kids' names off because it seems a little irresponsible to broadcast my kids on the Internet. Although if you look hard enough, you can find them.

All of them have an 'a' in their name. Here are the three different variations to give you a taste of the rest of the apron. You can see I somehow moved the hoop. The outline is just barely off.

This is with rayon embroidery thread.

This is with regular Coats and Clark cotton/poly thread.

Here's a close-up of the owl (from Urban Threads).

Here's a close-up of the bird (freebie from Embroider This). Here is where I learned my lesson in contrast. The bird has curly plumes of feathers off the main tail. But, because I used that green thread, it's really hard to see. Next time, I'll be sure to use thread that really contrasts with the background. I drew in the curly tail regions with photo editing software so you could see it.

My son wanted a robot (from Urban Threads) and he thought this was hysterical. "Mom, he loves a toaster! A TOASTER! Mom, do you get it? He's a robot and he loves a TOASTER!! Har, har, har." Four-year olds are crazy.

Finished product.

This is random muslin fabric I got from somewhere. The back is a weird farm animal scene. I'm not sure what it's about but the front is just a rough khaki.


Little Hunting Creek said...

Those aprons are so cute! And embroidery is just like anything else: the more you do, the better it gets. And no one notices the little errors that you notice :)
I thought the bird was adorable!

Amanda S. said...

Super cute aprons! I'm glad you're getting so much use out of your new embroidery machine.

Rachel said...

I love the aprons. I love having my embroidery machine although mine is about 10 years old. You will find alot of uses for it. It is great for quick gifts too.

Pam Erny said...

These aprons are just TOO cute!

Pam ~Off The Cuff~

cidell said...

You make me rethink embroidery!

Renee said...

So cute! You are making me really want an embroidery machine!

gwensews said...

The outline of your "a" isn't necessarily "off" a little because of anything you did incorrectly. Embroidery designs are very often digitized with a little mis-step. There's a lot of variables also. Thread, stabilizer, machine tension,backgroumd fabric--all of those factor in the way the design stitches out. You're doing a great job.

You may like to look at the designs from They have a lot of children's designs including some applique that are quite nice. They have some children's pockets that are really cute.

Linda said...

Like you have an embroidery machine going while you sew seems so very productive. Cute aprons!

Sue said...

The robot loves a toaster - tickles me too!
Great aprons and gorgeous kids!