Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jeans Sew Along

This is what I posted at Join us! I'll email Emilie at Jalie and see if she has any tips or pointers for us.
Date: 3/15/09 3:14 PM
When Jalie launched their new patterns a few days ago, I know several people bought their new jean pattern (including me). The new patterns will ship March 24th so we should have our new patterns by the first week-ish of April. I'm thinking we can use March to gather materials and get metally prepared to fit a pair of pants (eek!). I'm no fitting expert but between all of us, I think we can get things to fit. What do you guys think?

Things you'll need:
Jeans Pattern
I'm doing the Jalie one but Burda has some good options too.

I'm going to use stretch denim I bought from They still have some if you need to buy it. Denim on

Topstitching thread
There are a lot of options and we can talk about all the pros and cons. Certain threads are pretty but a pain in the butt.

Jean Style Snaps
I use the Dritz Dungaree Buttons and they work great for jeans.

I've never used them and I don't know a source for them.

You'll need to interface the waistband. I use Whisper Weft on most things and I'll probably be using it for these jeans too.

I usually use a regular Coats plastic coil zipper even though your standard jeans have a metal zipper. Jalie recommends an 8" zipper for the adult sizes but you can always cut down a too big zipper.

Odds and Ends
You'll need fabric for pockets. I usually use a cute quilting cotton. You want something thin to avoid extra bulk. Also, I couldn't do jeans without my topstitching and edge stitching feet. They make topstitching a piece of cake. Am I missing anything?


Salinda said...

I'm in! I'll be using a Vogue pattern that I pick up (and put down) everytime I walk past my stash! It's about time I guess.

Are you going to be sewing along on your blog, or just on PR? I'll have to find that message thread.

Gail said...

Count me in. I'll be working my own pattern from existing pants. Love the Jalie pattern but don't think they are available in Australia.
I've never done a sew along before. How do we communicate?

Also I'm very jealous of your drawstring neckline blouse. I can't wait for the pattern to arrive downunder!

okie2thfairy said...

Ok, I got the pattern too. (gulp) Now I've got to decide what color to make them. Seems like white would be good for the summer but it might make my butt look too big- so, unattractive!!!!

I'll look into the rivet situation.

BeccaA said...

I'd love to join in a jeans sew along! Sounds like fun.

angie.a said...

I might be in to this. Ack! I shudder at the thought of fitting jeans (well at least) but maybe with moral support (and a thread on PR) I can do it! :D I'll go order my pattern now!

Susan said...

I'm in, too. I already have stretch denim material and a jeans pattern that I saw Erica B. make. How fun!

Mommymita said...

i just ordered the pattern and I have the denim already in my stash

Any word on the rivets? That would make them great!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Jalie stretch jeans pattern this morning, so count me among those who are raring to go!

This will be my first Jalie pattern, so I'm really interested to see how it goes.

Tracy said...

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