Monday, March 23, 2009

Burda 11-2006-111 Tank Top

I didn't manage much sewing this weekend but I did a lot of re-organization. My husband got a hair and bought me halogen overhead lights I can swivel and two panels of LED lights for under the bunk bed. A while ago my husband lofted the guest bed so I could put fabric under it. This weekend he helped me moved everything around so that I could fit in my four machines. While moving everything around I kept moving this little piece of wool from Gorgeous Fabrics. I didn't want to toss it because it is so nice. Instead I made an undershirt. It's BWOF 11-2006 #111. It's so cozy.

This is the inside shoulder seam. I used bias tape in the seam to stabilize it and then I coverstitched the edges. This fabric was picky so I fused all the edges first before I coverstitched. You could make this top is one or two hours but it took me a bit longer because of the fusing.

Here's the inside. It's a two-layer fabric. One side is rayon and the other is wool.

Beware: this top is low. I moved the top up by 3" and did my shoulder to bust shortening of 1/2" and it okay now.

Functional but kind of blahhhhh. But, it will be a nice undershirt. Here's the full review if you want to read about it.
ETA: I forgot to mention that Seams Like Home, our local fabric boutique, now carries Jalie patterns. I wish they would have told me a while ago because I already bought those new patterns through I would rather buy local and support them. They emailed me because they know I needed wanted them. Tamara, here's your chance to use that new fabric!


Gorgeous Things said...

I love that fabric, and that top is a brilliant idea! Good to know that it is so low cut. I find that with a lot of BWOF patterns.

Myra said...

Funny your local fabric shop is Seams Like Home. We have one named similarly, but focused around quilting.

Tamara said...

I will be heading there TODAY!!!

Cennetta said...

Very nice undershirt and great use of remnant.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dawn:
I want to thank you for the time and effort you take to share with us all your creations, you have been an inspiration to me, I like every thing you make...specialy your embroideries are so hip and young looking:)


Unknown said...

Sounds like a productive weekend! Looking forward to pics of your sewing space! Cute top, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I don't think that will be your last Jalie pattern purchase. ;-) Plenty of opportunities to "shop local" in your future! :)

Bunny said...

Great little tank!