Sunday, March 22, 2009

Questions and Answers

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another KwikSew Vest": Where are you getting Polartec? Since the mill in Massachusetts closed, my supply has dried up! We have fond memories of the annual remnant sale, where my niece would climb into the massive bins and toss fabric out to my sister.
Since I'm a business owner I can buy Malden Mills products at cost but I have to buy it by the bolt. I went a little gung ho the last time so I am trying to sell some off. If you want some nice fabric for wholesale prices, see my Etsy shop. I am trying to get a bit more room in here and right now I have 11 bolts of fleece. Sheesh. It takes up a little space.

Mommymita has left a new comment on your post "Jeans Sew Along": i just ordered the pattern and I have the denim already in my stash Any word on the rivets? That would make them great!
Mommymita, I hope you are part of the Sew Along thread. There is a ton of information there, including rivets. I think most people are buying them from Junior.

My Fabrication has left a new comment on your post "Jeans Sew Along": Count me in. I'll be working my own pattern from existing pants. Love the Jalie pattern but don't think they are available in Australia. I've never done a sew along before. How do we communicate?Also I'm very jealous of your drawstring neckline blouse. I can't wait for the pattern to arrive downunder!
I started a thread on On there we have been discussing where to get materials and how much to get, pre-treating, patterns, etc.

Imaan has left a new comment on your post "Burda 03-2009-106 Top with Gathered Neck": Hi Dawn, Completely aside, I am a beginning sewer (depending on your definition), and am about to go on maternity leave in 3 months with my third child, and really looking forward to having time to sew. I took it up, after years and years of wanting to, during maternity leave with my second child, 2 years ago, but never managed to find the time regularly. Throw in exams for post grad education, two kids under 3 etc etc, and I am almost back to square one, and feeling very disappointed and disillusioned. I need someone to tell me there is hope at the end of the tunnel...that if you keep persisting, and are patient, especially if you are learning on the "job", that it does fall into place, in time...or I am being unrealistic? I am in a frump, and need some encouragement, especially since you seem to have done it on your own...
Imaan, I'm sorry I can't reply to you privately. I don't get emails with the comments. I think that is why some people change from this kind of commenting. Kids, job, school, etc makes it hard to maintain any sort of "regular" sewing time. With me, the more stressed out I got, the more I needed that Crafty Therapy. I think in the early phases of parenthood you are merely trying to survive. Anything productive that comes out of those years is a miracle. After about two years old it is sooo much easier. They can get dressed, play by themselves, etc. and it frees you up to be productive again. I would try not to get discouraged because there is light at the end of the tunnel. But sometimes the tunnel seems like it's never ending. Trust me, I know. My son was barely two when I had two five pound twins. Yikes. You can email me too, info 'at' cabinbaby 'dot' com. Keep your chin up!

Mommymita has left a new comment on your post "Did you see these?": you've got me tempted and a sew along may be just what I need to attempt it.Do you do your children's jeans also? Honestly how labor intensive is it?
Mommymita, It's all just details. The more topstitching and detail you put on it, the longer it's going to take. I can do kid pants in a couple days if I do all the topstitching and pockets and embellishing. For kids pants, it seems not worth the effort. They only wear things a few times before they are too big. Well, my four year old will wear things out but the two, two years olds just grow too darn fast.

Myra has left a new comment on your post "Did you see these?": Beautiful! But I cannot wear low waisted pants, it is very uncomfortable to me. I would want to find some that are higher. The top is great for kids.
Myra, Did you see that the jeans pattern includes a low waisted and high waisted version? The kid version is a higher rise b/c they didn't think low rise would be appropriate for little girls. I love that they think of details like that.

Julia has left a new comment on your post "More of #105": Love the boots with it. Really! What do you teach?
7th grade, Science. Fire, chemicals, and hormones.

Shannon V. has left a new comment on your post "Burda 01-2009 #123 Wrap Blouse": Love this shirt. After reading your blog for a bit I think I've decided to dive into the world of BWOF. I have a question though, what do you use to trace out your patterns? Do you buy special pattern paper or something else?
Shannon, I use lots of things to trace patterns. Most recently I discovered Blick Art Materials and their 36" wide tracing paper. I buy the 50 yard roll.

And, a long, long time ago, Dana, Karen, Kristine, Rachel, Mimi, Amy, and Claire S. nominated me for the Sisterhood award. I was neglectful of passing it on. I'm a loser, baby. Thank you for the award though. It makes me smile to know people read this drivel.

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