Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early Morning Sewing II and Next Up

Well, dag-nabit. I wanted to show you what I was working on today but Burda is being uncooperative. Ya know that in-between time on their website? When they are showing the current issue (November) and the archives shows two months ago (September) but last month's (October) issue is no where to be found? I am making 10/2009 #104. It's that red and black sweater dress. It's kind of shapeless in the line drawing but it's cute on the model? Well, I'm making that. Hopefully I'll be able to finish by tomorrow so I can wear it to work on Monday. I love quick weekend projects. I love dresses that I can wear with thick tights and boots.

Speaking of quick, I cut these out last night and finished them this morning. All the ribbing is random stuff from my husband's grandmother that I inherited when she died. The mittens themselves is made from Polartec 200.


Kathi said...

I'll have to get out my magazine and check out the dress! I have some sweater knit that I ordered a while back, but I have no idea what to do with it!! I am waiting for one of those moments of inspiration! I am sure whatever you make will be lovely, though!

Digs said...

Here's a useful tip for accessing the most recent archive: from the Archives page, click on DE (ie, German language) tab, tiny little white letters along the upper edge of the title bar. Scroll! October's Burda is already there. It's always up long before the EN & FR versions; Italian & Russian are already up too, if you'd prefer to read those ;)

The German preview of next month is also always up long before it appears on the English page.

Sue said...

I was thinking of making that one for next Winter. I look forward to seeing your version.
Mittens are somthing I have never had to worry about! Those look very cosy and warm.

Kim said...

I have that dress on my list. I had to do some creative searching to find the link that I put in the Sweater knit Sewalong thread. If this is the same one I'm thinking of.