Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nike Dri-Fit + Jalie 2215 = <3

Here’s the gray (anthracite) Nike Dri-Fit fabric married to Jalie 2215. I’ve made this top numerous times. It is certainly a winner. In this version, I lengthened the arms, added thumbs holes, and added a high neck band for added warm-fuzziness.

I can also say it has been approved as a cold-weather layering top. I put this on as my base layer and put a windbreaker on over it (it’s been in the 30’s when I run) and went for a run. It wicks with the best of my running tops. Of course, I guess that makes sense. It is Nike wicking fabric.


I added some fun Urban Threads embroidery to the lower back.


Here you can see it a little bit better.


Here it is all spread out. If you don’t have Jalie 2215, you should get it (it’s out of print but you can still get the electronic download). It’s a kid and adult pattern and has this raglan tee (I’ve made numerous times!), a stretch boot running pant (made that a few times too!), and a cute skirt (never made that).


I know you guys want to buy some of this fabric. I will put some stuff up in my Etsy shop. I think I’ll sell it in 2 yard increments but you can do a custom order for more or less yardage. I’m only putting 12 yards of it up for sale. Enjoy!

Here's a description of the fabric:
Dri-Fit Stretch Fabrics - Hi-Wick Comfort Paired with Lycra Stretch and Return
The Dri-Fir series features advanced wicking performance developed for active individuals. Specially formulated hydrophobic polyester fibers move heat generated body moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric. The enhanced dissipation of this moisture on the outer surface results in rapid evaporation, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. The lycra content adds plenty of stretch for active comfort as well as great fit.


Jessica Marks said...

This top looks fabulous on you!

I'm mad I never got that pattern before, since I had looked at it so many times. I couldn't look past the bare midriff, which was silly since that is SO easy to change.

Scruffybadger said...

Your link was shared to me as I've just posted about sewing running clothes and put out a plea for fabric suppliers! However, whilst the link to your etsy shop was also shared, so was this to your top, and it looks so stylish, practical from the roll neck to the thumb holes! The embroidery is also genius!! I shall see if you have any fabric left now....