Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Burda Challenge–08/2012 #113

When I started doing the Burda Challenge, I thought to myself, “This is will be totally easy! I have five-ish years of Burda magazines to choose from. It’ll be super easy to find one pattern per month in five magazines!” Well, this month was hard for me. In my head, the August Burdas have always been chock full of great fall-ish type patterns. In reality, I had a really hard time finding something I wanted to make. First, I was all like, “I should sew a cool fall jacket!” Then, I was like, “Hmmmm, I don’t really love any of these jackets.” Then I did that with dresses, skirts, and vests. Nada. Then, I found this purple wool/cashmere and I knew it needed to be something flowy but with structure. I’m rather happy with how it turned out. And I guess I am also happy doing this Burda Challenge because it has forced me to make a pattern I may have skipped over before.


Here is the line drawing and the model photo. I thought about making a matching skirt and I still might do that. Although, I don’t want to be the Grape Lady either.


Here is probably how I will wear it. I love these boots and this pair of skinny jeans. I have the same jeans in black and wear them all the time. It would also be really cute over a skirt like in the model photo.


Here’s the peplum from the back. I should have shaken my bootie a bit so it would fall better. Burda recommends a 24” zipper. All I could find at my local JoAnn’s was a 20” zipper. I would really like to have those inches of zipper. As it is, it is hard to get over my shoulders.


Here’s the side view. You can tell the back is several inches longer than the front. Whoops, there is a dangly string back there!


I changed the single large dart to two small darts (Melissa recommended this and it seemed to work really well). The seam is about an inch above my belly button.


Here it is flat. It does not have much flat-appeal. I hand sewed that stupid round hem. I love to hand sew. Yea.


Here you can see the two darts. I do not have much experience manipulating darts so I just sort of winged it.


The bodice is fully lined a la Melissa. She wrote a whole post on how to line this top. I did mine slightly different than she did but it came out the same in the end. I have a fully lined bodice that stops where the peplum starts.



The dreaded sch___________ starts soon!


Bec Stitches said...

Nice work! Love the colour:)

P E Hudson said...

This is my favorite piece so far!

Elise Lin said...

So pretty! And his color is great on you! I love that it is lower in the back, when I saw it in the magazine this was the pattern that won me over for peplums on tops. Mine has the extra set of darts as well, the fit is way better that way. Thanks for the link to Melissa's tutorial on how to line it :)

Cristina Muelas Allegue said...

I like this top and the color is wonderful!!


Cidell said...

Dawn, that's SUPER cute. And, I like how you've styled it.

Angela said...

Great styling and the darts look great! Love seeing what you will make for the Burda challenge.