Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Summer Fun - Sorry No Sewing!

I just can’t get over how pretty the sunrise was a few mornings ago. This is at about 5:30am when I went out for a run. First is was purple/pink and then it turned purple/orange. All in the matter of minutes, people. Nature is pretty awesome if you pay attention.


Speaking of nature. I thought everyone knew these mushrooms really existed. I posted a picture on Facebook and some people were blown away that this type of mushroom is real. This is a super poisonous mushroom. It’s called an Amanita (Genus) and they are beautiful. They are all over this time of year. The one with my hand may be the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Usually, the caps are about the size of a large golf ball.


I found the Amanita jackpot the other day.



I just got back from running a race. It was in Seward and it was 16 miles. In the Chugach National Forest. Over a mountain pass. Whew. I’m a tired puppy today. Basically, you run uphill for about 9 miles, you run flat for a few miles (the ridge of the mountain pass), and then straight down for about five miles. The scenery was breathtaking. I didn’t get any pictures except this one since I was running my ass off. My time was 2:30 and I think that’s pretty good. It’s my first time running this. The female first place finisher was done in 1:58. These other two people are a husband/wife that I’ve known for a very long time. I run almost all of my long training runs with her. We had our first kids about 10 days apart and we both have identical twins that were born a few months apart. Strange world.


After the epic run, we hiked to Exit Glacier. It was a short hike and our legs were still tired.


The glacier is to my left. It’s really pretty down in Seward.Yes, I’m still wearing my sweaty running clothes. Ewww!


Then we went on a dinner cruise with a tour company. They take you to an island where you eat dinner and play around on the beach. We mostly played with the jellyfish. This is one is partially desiccated so we could actually pick it up.


These are moon jellies. They don’t sting. There were some other ones and they do sting. We stayed away from them!


I promise I have sewing to show you! I enjoy people’s pictures so I figured you guys would like to peek at some beautiful Alaskan scenery.


Tina Boscha said...

Great job on the race! Uphill is no joke, lol - I wuss out on some tiny hills but I am inspired to change that. Running a half in November and hoping to sew my own kit. ;-)

Kristine Balinski said...

Someday, I will come to Anchorage and you will show me all this amazing scenery in person. I promise.

Dilliander said...

What amazing photos Dawn, they are stunning!

Christy Hayes said...

Wow great photos and how on earth did you get through so much activity in one day!

Sue Kenny said...

Love to see your photos - so different to where I live! That sounds a great race time. I don't run but I like to keep fit so I am always interested to hear how others are going.

Sofie M said...

I love seeing the Alaskan life! It is really interesting. I love seeing glaciers!

Paccana said...

Your pictures are absolutely stunning. Wish I was there

Becky said...

Dawn, I am suitably impressed with your fitness level. You go! Most people don't understand that the more active you are, the more energy you have, but I get it. Never stop, that's the key, never stop. Congratulations on your excellent time for a first time race!

Saro said...

I really enjoy the pictures, thanks!!

Jane Marie said...

Great race time and wonderful pics. Looks like a terrific day.

Joy said...

Love seeing your photos!